A Book for the Beach, Backyard or Bus

beach readingAs summer begins to wind down, and many Baristaville folks head to vacations either far-flung or at the Jersey Shore, we’re wondering what books you might be bringing along. What will (or did you) stash in a suitcase or get lined up on your e-reader? Even if you’re not headed out of town, are you looking for something to read on your commute?

If you’re looking for suggestions, you can check back to our 2013 beach read suggestions, peruse the comments on our post about Philip Roth where Baristanet readers suggested other books set in our area of New Jersey.

You can even consult GQ for its 20 suggestions, or choose from the 35 picks at Real Simple.

Bruce Springsteen bio book - sized

Or, you could simply go with The Boss and be done with it.

Music writer Peter Ames Carlin’s authorized biography, titled simply, Bruce, and published in fall of 2012, is still selling strong throughout the Garden State, and is now available in paperback. And is it any wonder? Not much makes a Jersey girl (or guy either) think about summer days and nights at the shore, and the bittersweet notion of everything coming to a close, more than a Springsteen song.

SpotlightNJ has some meaty excerpts from the book on their site right now, maybe enough to get your vacation (or communter?) reading off the ground.

Photo (top): Flickr Creative Commons

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