Break-Ins Or Attempts At Some 15 Upper Montclair Businesses Over Weekend

Break Ins Over Weekend At Upper Montclair BusinessesD/Lt. Angel L. Roman Jr., Detective Bureau Commander, says that so far a total of 15 business locations in Upper Montclair were either broken into or an attempt was made to break in over this past weekend.

The suspect, a white male, glasses, at least 5’7″, 25 to 50 years old with something covering his face from the nose down, gained entry by prying the door or lock in most of the instances. Suspect was wearing plaid shorts, black sweat shirt, black gloves and white running sneakers and was carrying a dark backpack.

A tipster tell us the movie theater was among the businesses hit by the suspect, as well as others on Bellevue Avenue.

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  1. Look how cute that shopping area is. I hope we don’t wind up with big honkin’ 10 story apartment building with 6 story parking deck next to it.

  2. Okay, so we are looking for a “white male with glasses, at least 5′-7″, aged 25 to 50.” Reasonably specific. So, what’s “covering his face from the nose down”? In Short Hills, perhaps a hypoallergenic skin toner. In Kabul, perhaps a Burka, (if he’s a cross dresser). This could take a while.

  3. I may be wrong, but the fire department is always open with our bravest sanding on the sidewalk at the ready – not to mention the overnight patrol cars parked on valley between Lorraine and Bellevue. No one heard or saw anything? [inside job]

  4. No the Fireman are not always standing on the sidewalk at the ready. Generally on a nice day you’ll find them doing that in the daytime but at night they are inside the firehouse.

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