Camp Ask Holly Week 5: Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers

This summer I challenged myself to come up with a craft using  items things I found in my brother’s home while we visited. Let’s just say as a single dad of three, his house is not exactly craft central. But with a little searching we found plastic to-go container lids, tissue paper, glue, glitter and ribbon and we were able to make beautiful Sun Catchers.

We also found that colored paper and random beads we found lodged between sofa cushions worked as well as a few glitter glue tubes we dug out. I have either reached an all time high or an all time low creating crafts from bits found in the sofa. Note: All of random morsels of food were not used for crafting (I have some standards).

Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers:

  • Plastic to-go container lids
  • Colored tissue paper or colored paper to into small pieces
  • Glue
  • Glitter or glitter glue tubes
  • Beads (optional)
  • Flowers or small leaves
  • Ribbon, yarns or string
  • A hole punch or skewer

Step One: Coat the back side of the lid with glue and layer different colors of torn tissue paper over the glue. You can also add beads leaves, pressed flower, glitter or anything else that might look interesting. TIP-Make sure your kids don’t layer items so much that you cannot see through the lid. Hold it up to the light and show them what it looks like as they progress.

Step Two: Fill the rim of the lid with a line of glue and sprinkle with glitter or fill the rim with glitter glue and or spread glue the raised side of the lid and sprinkle with glitter.

Step Three: When the lid is dry, punch and hole in the top and hand with string or punch a hole in the top and bottom and ties more than one sun catcher together to make a mobile.

Sun Catchers

This is one of those great crafts that works for preschoolers to teens. Younger children can glitter and glue and pattern, while older children can make more complicated mosaic type patterns.

Tissue, glitter, ribbon and string available  A.C. Moore  and  Michaels

Questions? Ask Holly in comments.

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