Camp Ask Holly Week 7: Beach Treasure Jewelry

shell bobs open

If she sells seashells by the seashore, I often wonder, who’s the sucker buying all of these shells? My kids bring home load of seashells every summer—for free. Perhaps if she was turning her shells into fantabulous  Beach Treasure Jewelry, that girl would see a nice spike in her sales.

All you need for this project is a small handful of supplies and a tiny bit of practice. Then you’ll be ready to twist and turn stones, shells, sea glass, etc. into lovely wearable treasures. The first one may seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to stop.

shell bobs1Beach Treasure Jewelry:

  • Wire cutters/flat nosed pliers
  • Round nosed nosed pliers
  • Jewelery wire about 22 to 26 gauge (thinner wire is easier for children to work with)
  • Earring hooks (if making earrings)
  • Shells, stones, sea glass etc.




shell bobs2Step One:
Cut 2-3 pieces of wire about 12″ long each. Laying the wires next to each other twist them with your fingers around each other in the middle about 3-5 times. Step Two:
Now make, what I call, your pocket by twisting the wire together again about 1/2″ down from your your first twist, plus or minus depending on the bottom part of your stone or shell. Stick the bottom of your stone into the pocket or opening to make sure it fits. Adjust size if it is too big or small. this pocket needs to hold the object in place. Use your pliers if needed.

Step Three:
Take one set of the now four wires and wrap them around the stone( one wire going one way and the other the opposite way) to the back and twist the wires together. Now do the same with the other set of wires (don’t worry if they are a bit loose).
shell bobs3Step Four:
Bring all of the wire to the top of the stone and twist together as close to the stone as possible. Take two pieces of wire and wrap them around the wide end with the pliers. TIP: Make sure the opening is large enough for the end of a necklace clasp to fit through. Twist all of the ends together after forming your loop. If you like, leave one end out and don’t twist, but instead cut it and make a curl with your pliers as part of your design. After cutting the ends make sure they are wrapped tightly and there are no sharp points that could scratch the skin.

Beach Treasure Jewelry

Step Five: Take your round nosed pliers and clean up any slack in your design by grabbing the loose wire and giving it a quick twist. This will give the wire a interesting jagged look. If you break the wire, don’t worry, just twist the ends into a spiral design (see photo). You can continue to play with your design until it looks the way you would like.

TIPS: Make sure your opening at the top of your pendant is large enough to fit a necklace through. Polished stones are slippery and more difficult to work with.

Beach Treasure Jewelry

Make sure the object is not too heavy before wiring. Take a earring hook and open the end with your pliers and loop your design through. Add a bead at the top if your want to go all out.

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