Language Workshop for Children Is Celebrating 40 Years With 40 Percent Discounts

Language Workshop for Children1973 marks the year that Language Workshop for Children Director Francois Thibaut opened his now-famous language program for children. (It also welcomed a 9 lb, 6 oz baby named Georgette, but that’s a different story) Today, language programs for infants, toddlers, and youngsters are very popular. But 40-years ago, Thibaut was in a field by himself.

As Thibaut explains it, “Children learn languages differently than adults.  Their minds absorb material more rapidly.  They’ve got to have humor and emotion, and they get bored with translations.”

“It wasn’t easy.  People said that I was damaging kids, and that everyone “knew” that teaching second languages before high school was confusing.  But I was brought up differently.  From the time I was six, the year that I was sent to an international boarding school in Paris, I saw how easily children grasp languages. Every day, kids arrived from all over the world.  And without knowing a word of French on their first day, they were fluent in six weeks.”  This is why today, Thibaut is regarded as a pioneer in the field of early language acquisition.

To celebrate their anniversary, for a limited time The Language Workshop for Children is offering all of their programs at a very special 40% off.  If you’re interested in exposing your child to another language, LWFC offers programs in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese in Montclair.


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