Lost Brown Shar-Pei Dog Spotted in Bloomfield

A reader informs us that he’s spotted an apparently lost brown Shar-Pei dog on Washington Street at Thomas Street in Bloomfield. The dog is extremely confused and seems very exhausted. The dog, which is not wearing a collar, is going into the street and will not come when called but otherwise seems calm. A voice mail was left with Bloomfield Animal Shelter.

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  1. While I understand that the average person may be afraid of getting bitten, surely something else could have been done to help this dog, other than just report it seemed “confused and exhausted” could you not have tried to stay with dog until help arrived? Maybe coaxed him with some food or water? I just don’t know how people can leave animals in need. I surely hope the owners find him or he gets to safety somehow. I see the posts all the time about people reporting found animals, but they did not help them…..

  2. I agree cuddles.

    Last week on Ridgewood Ave I came upon a big brown dog in the road and people just driving by him and one woman who had just walked her dog past the situation. It took a minute to get him out of the road and to his owner.

  3. I also stopped on Ridgewood Avenue once to walk a dog back to his owner across the street. I could never continue driving by an animal in need.

  4. I know…I picked up a dog in Caldwell one time that seemed very confused and had almost gotten hit by a car. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him, but I couldn’t just drive by and do nothing. Fortunately, the owner was out looking and came by just as I was getting ready to drive off.

  5. What is it with all of these stray dogs? WTH is wrong with their humans? I understand Bloomfield’s animal control was called and was on the scene. Let’s hope he’s reclaimed soon.

  6. Well I hope that if his owners do come forth, that they have a good reason for why he was out RAL; if not I hope he is OK and gets adopted into a new home. I do hope he is actually at the shelter.

  7. As the person who reported the lost dog, I am glad to report that Bloomfield Animal Control – who I called – caught the dog and the owner came to claim him the same day. I will refrain to respond to the disturbing comments of those who knew none of the details but felt qualified to judge. Instead, let’s all celebrate a happy ending.

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