The Manor Receives Coveted Wine Award

TheManor_WineCellarIf you’re ever in the mood for sampling a good glass of wine—let’s face it, when aren’t we in the mood?—head over to the Manor in West Orange.

Wine Spectator, the prominent national magazine for oenophiles, has just recognized the restaurant and special event facility with its coveted “Best Award of Excellence” for 2013.

To receive the special recognition, the Manor had to meet or exceed several requirements including maintaining a wine list that is “superior in presentation” and one that displays either “vintage depth with several vertical offerings of top wines, or excellent breadth across several wine regions.”

Recipients typically offer 400 or more wine selections; the Manor has in excess of 800 from across the world, including those from New Zealand, Portugal, Greece and Israel. Wine Spectator noted the restaurant’s strength in selection of wine from California and France.

On Wednesdays, the Manor holds a Wednesday Wine Night, in which patrons dining a la carte in the Terrace Lounge can bring their own bottle of wine, with no corkage fee, or choose one from the Manor’s cellar that has been specially priced for the night.

Guests are also encouraged to host their own private wine tasting by having each guest or couple bring in a favorite wine to share with the rest of the table.

The Manor has not just been hailed for its wine. In June it was presented with its 26th consecutive Four Diamond Award by the American Automobile Association—one of only eight restaurants in the state to be chosen for the honor. How about a drink to that?

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  1. I wish that they would purchase the ex Pal’s Cabin Site to revive that landmark and prevent sprall from bulldozing another CVS in place.

  2. If you’re ever in the mood to pay a 300-400% markup on a bottle of wine (and who isn’t in Baristaville), then by all means go to the Manor. But financially you could do much, much better at a well-stocked liquor store.

  3. This is cathar’s way of asking for someone to buy him a drink.

    Okay. When do you want to go? It’s on me. Perhaps we can invite some friends?

    (Oh, and some of us enjoy paying WAY TOO much for stuff. Then we get to tell folks what we did. That’s the Baristaville Way!!)

  4. Prof, I’d happily buy your wise self a drink any day.

    And if I ever in fact am invited to your palatial estate in Upper Montclair, I promise to bring you a bottle or two of America’s very own finest sparkling wine, which retails at around 11.99 tops. (Hint: it’s from New Mexico, though it’s in fact also made by French folk who settled there.)

  5. The Seafood banquet bar is spectacular…the best I’ve ever seen…..comparible to.. if not better than the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station.

  6. Take advantage of the “No Corkage” Wednesdays if you have a good bottle you want to drink with the Manor’s outstanding food. But before you open it, take a look at their wine specials: we had a lovely bottle of Montrachet for around $50 or $60 one Wednesday. I do believe they have a very good, thorough, and impressive cellar. But the Wine Spectator awards are, unfortunately, like “Who’s Who in America” — pretty much bought and paid for.

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