Missing Grey and White Tabby Cat in Montclair

eddieEddie, a grey and white tabby cat (no collar), has been missing since August 18 near the corner of North Mountain and Van Vleck Street in Montclair.

Eddie’s owner says, “Eddie is very fearful and may scratch if approached– he is not de-clawed.” The owner also notes the cat doesn’t have a white patch on his backside—the picture was taken after the last time he escaped and had his back shaved due to a nasty fight with another cat.

She asks that anyone with information about Eddie’s whereabouts call 973.289.3879.

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  1. Glad Eddie is home! I have to say also that I get a real kick out of this picture of him … he is standing on the back of the stove for heaven’s sake! with a look on his face that says something like “Who the *&%$ do you think you are, trying to Cook??! This is MY stove! And get that *&%$# camera outta my face!”


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