Montclair Glenfield School Announces Interim Principal and Addresses Issues with Schedules

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glenfield-schoolDr. Putrino, new principal of Glenfield Middle School, sent home an email to parents announcing the new Interim Assistant Principal (the former Assistant Principal was Ms. Cenithia Bilal who will move to Northeast School as principal.) He also announces that schedules will not be sent home before school, because of issues with Skyward:

Dear Glenfield Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back from a hopefully relaxing summer. Over the break I was working very hard to capitalize on every opportunity to
meet you and learn about the nuances of Glenfield. Through our contact I have experienced your dedication and felt the passion you have for this amazing school and our unique student population. I look forward to reconnecting to the children whom I know and meeting the families I have yet to meet. I know over the past few years Glenfield has experienced many changes both in staff and in programming. This year is no different, but I aspire to give you ease in these transitions. Please allow me to share some updates for the 2013-2014 school year.

Last night at the Montclair Board of Education meeting it was announced that Ms. Cenithia Bilal has been appointed as the Principal of Northeast Elementary School. While, we will all miss her leadership, I know our most positive thoughts are with her and we know that Northeast is in good hands. Also, announced last night is that I have selected Ms. Samanthaa Lennon as Glenfield’s Interim Assistant Principal. Ms. Lennon, a former Glenfield graduate, comes to us from Northeast Elementary School where she taught 5th grade Math and Kindergarten. She is currently finishing her doctorate with a focus on Urban Leadership at Kean University. I am confident she will positively impact our staff since I had been preparing her to take a leadership role at Northeast where she would have guided staff through the Marshall evaluation tool as well as state required Student Growth Objectives (SGO’s). Needless to say she will be a strong school leader. It has been my pleasure to work with her for the past 3 years and I look forward to continuing this partnership. I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming her to Glenfield.

He goes on to note some other staff changes then discusses schedules and some issues with Skyward Family Access:

This year Glenfield will not be mailing home student schedules. The district has moved to a new information system called Skyward. The program is very different than our previous one and produces a very different looking schedule. Sending this new form home will undoubtedly cause a great deal of confusion. Instead, students will be handed their schedules on the first day of school and their homeroom teachers will help them interpret the details as well as transcribe it into a user friendly format.

Not getting the schedules before school starts concerns some parents.

“We used to be able to get the schedule a few days before school opened.  But such convenience is beyond the capabilities of the new system.  I am curious as to how very different can a schedule look, if it is not in a user-friendly format and needs help from the homeroom teachers to interpret,” says Michael Garrett.

Another Glenfield parent described it as “chaos.”


  1. POSTED BY waltermitty  |  August 29, 2013 @ 11:59 am

    Maybe Skyward generates schedules alphabetically, like FMTTW.

  2. POSTED BY skeptical  |  August 30, 2013 @ 10:42 am

    Skyward? or Skynet?

  3. POSTED BY agideon  |  September 02, 2013 @ 2:48 pm

    Note that the letter didn’t say that Skyward couldn’t produce the schedule. It said instead that “Sending this new form home will undoubtedly cause a great deal of confusion”. In other words, we’re too stupid to understand the schedule.

    Color me skeptical that a *school system* couldn’t produce a document educating us in the reading of schedules, even assuming that a significant number of us would have trouble parsing it out.

    A quick search found this nice little document: produced elsewhere. Note page 12, which has an example of a class schedule. It doesn’t seem that arcane or cryptic.

    Skyward is supposed to give us access to the schedules online. In fact, I believe I saw this feature when I first logged in a few weeks ago. It is missing now, of course.

    Why features of Skyward aren’t being [properly/fully] used is a worthy question for a little journalistic research. If there truly are flaws in the system, I’d rather the district acknowledge them now rather than later. But if the problems are…something else, we need to look at that too.


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