Multiple Shooting on Mission Street, Montclair Leaves Four Wounded

An 18-year-old woman and three men were shot and wounded on Mission Street in Montclair, shortly before 1 a.m. The group was walking down the street when someone jumped out and fired on the group, police tell News 12. Three of the victims are from Montclair and one is from Newark. The woman, shot in the chest, is in the hospital on a ventilator; the three other male victims in their 20s suffered non-life threatening injuries.

mission 3The shooting occurred near 80 Mission Street.

A man walking on Mission Street this morning said he’s lived in Montclair all his 47 years, said the recent spate of shootings is the “worst he has ever seen.” He added that the police substation needs to be returned to the area.

Police say the gunman had his face covered up and fled the scene on foot.

An Eyewitness News reporter spoke to a woman at the scene who said two of the victims had been shot at a few weeks by someone in a car. There was a shooting on Elmwood Ave., near Mission Street, in July. Police do not believe the shooting was a random attack.

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  1. Waiting with bated breath for silverleaf to chime in to say how there isn’t a crime problem here and anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist.

  2. I wonder how many of these shootings in our town will the public put up with? 1 is enough but what has happened this summer should have heads roll. Our police need to stop sitting in their offices on Valley and everyone should get out on their feet and help protect out town. If more of these things go on out town will quickly go downhill. Forget new Town Plans which aren’t good in the first place, forget how most of us love living here, we will leave. Then with the shootings and growth around train stations, others won’t want to come here. This is ridiculous.

  3. If I lived on Mission St. I would definitely start or join a neighborhood watch program. What will it take for the poor victims who live in that blight to “stand their ground”?

  4. Put a new Police Station at the empty space at Mission Street and Bloomfield Avenue ASAP and scrap that useless rubber stamp master plan. Address real life issues where action is needed most and stop playing with urbanism which is something that the local government doesn’t have a clue about.

  5. Montclair seems to be more concerned with putting ‘plants’ at pedestrian walk ways to ticket drivers than dealing with the increasingly alarming violent crime. It’s not Mayberry RFD and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are long gone. Wake up or , “Next stop Irvington…..”

  6. When is enough going to be enough? For anyone who thinks there hasn’t been a rise in violent crimes (all over, not just in Montclair), it’s time to take you head out of the sand.

  7. The mayor, council, and MPD are too busy holding hands singing kumbaya to notice that Montclair isn’t a utopian paradise, and that there are some serious problems that need to be dealt with.

  8. It’s a tragedy that the majority of residents on Mission Street and nearby blocks have as neighbors more than a few knuckleheads, whose behavior invites criminality.

    I’d fear that increased police presence would simply move and not change these behaviors. Sure I’d assign more officers; still there are no easy answers.

  9. GHETTO! Screw all you naysayers…

    Police Chief is making 180K. Many, many officers are being paid 100k+. For what?

    MPD, My respect for you is waning. No statements, No affirmation of problem, just silence.

  10. Neighborhood watch program???? If I lived on Mission Street there would be a FOR SALE sign on my front lawn immediately!

  11. I don’t blame the MPD. They do a decent job in rounding up the criminals. Blame the legislators, prosecutors and politicians who have allowed this to go on unchecked for so long.

  12. But an 18-year-old on a ventilator isn’t a good thing. The violent crime situation is escalating and it’s frightening. There was even a burglary problem in 07043 over the weekend.

  13. Nineteen comments and nary a one with the “g” word in it. And according to a “woman at the scene” two of the victims had been shot at before. Hmmm. So someone knows what this is all about. Actually, a lot of people probably know what this is about, and few if any of them are police officers. It might have been drugs, it might have been turf, it might have been any number of things that precipitated this particular act of violence. But it was most probably an organized crime, and not the Tony Soprano kind.

  14. @redrum – “Waiting with bated breath for silverleaf to chime in to say how there isn’t a crime problem here and anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist.”

    Once again and not surprisingly, your comments miss the mark.

    I’ve never said there isn’t a crime problem in this neighborhood. As a matter of fact to the contrary, I have offered some solutions to this problem. I challenge you to quote where I have made a single comment to this effect.

    I also never said that anyone who thinks there is a crime problem is a racist. Many people here have said correctly there is a crime problem in this neighborhood. To think otherwise would be in denial. The difference being, not all people who believe this are racist.

  15. WABC-TV reported this morning that the woman and man shot last night were the same two folks who missed being shot a few weeks ago. Several people on that interview described the four as “nice kids” and not trouble makers.

    I mentioned after the last shooting that it’s time to “flood the zone” with police presence. The neighbors don’t deserve to have have 9-10 shots fired on the street, and other incidents of shootings at 4.30pm, 9pm, etc. Why the County Police, State Police etc aren’t already on the streets is beyond me. What’s the town waiting to see?

    I hope the injured folks recover, but it’s just a matter of time before there are dead bodies in the street.

  16. As _Paul Hogan said in “Crocodile Dundee” after making some would-be muggers back off by showing them his own knife, “Just kids having fun.”

    Silverleaf, however, is being somewhat ingenuous, no? He/she implied in a vile-sounding fashion that those who wondered about the racial and geographical contexts of local were perforce racist. And I honestly don’t recall his/her “suggestions for crime prevention as including such genuine efforts as, say, martial law.

    Mrs. Martta, I don’t quite believe the Montclair cops do a “decent job.” I’m still awaiting arrests in the matter of an assailtant firing at two other folks in broad daylight. The MPD too often seems a grouping of administrators, statisticians and ticket writers. They certainly don’t hit the streets in the same enthusiastic fashion as the LAPD does in gang-ridden areas. Some of this, of course, stems from how we as local residents perceive the role of the police to be. Nor, to be fair, do they seem toi receive much community support. Less irrelevant grandstanding at council meetings (and on this site, come to think of it) might also help. I wonder if the Montclair PD even believes it has the full faith and support of those who pay its salaries.

  17. The citizens of this town really need to put the pressure on the mayor and council members to address the issue of violence in this town. As others have mentioned, they need to step away from the “master plan” and focus on the safety of its town citizens first and foremost.

  18. This is BS. Everyone knows our PD needs restructuring. The Mayor knows this and fails to have the backbone to do anything about it. Enough is enough. Stop schmoozing with developers and start doing something for ALL the CURRENT CITIZENS of Montclair, starting with the most important basic, PUBLIC SAFETY!

    The Montclair Times compares it to Blooomfield and says all is good. Try comparing it nationally or regionally.

  19. I believe it was Silverleaf who tried to convince me I was being wrongly judgemental when I commented about the neighborhood being unsafe. That neighborhood has a serious problem and designating it as a transit village is not going to do any good unless we deal with the crime in that area. Gangs and guns do not belong on our streets and we need to face that.

  20. During Sandy I signed up for the town text message alert service. Occaisionaly I receive news of water main breaks,etc, or reminders to pay my quarterly tax bill (how nice!). You would think that if a violent crime is committed (and offender still on the loose), then perhaps that would warrant a text alert to stay away from the area and/or a request to report anything suspicious.

  21. Blame stands with MPD, and residents for not applying pressure to politicians.

    First, the council can demand the Manager instruct the Police Chief to full on address these areas with foot patrols. If he doesn’t comply, buy him out and find someone with the aptitude to move on these problematic areas.

    Second, Bond Ordinance to redo curbs/sidewalks, planting trees, more lighting, sub station revamp that whole area. I would even consider using bonds to buy a Short Sale/Foreclosed residential property on Mission and turning it into a park.

    Third, better inspection of properties in these areas.

    I for one will be at the next Council Meeting spouting my dismay with their unwillingness to fight back against this problem. This summer is worst I’ve seen since moving here.

  22. Comparing the MPD and the LAPD is not really a fair comparison. We certainly don’t have the population density and gang activity of Los Angeles (not yet). I get the impression that the MPD’s hands are tied to some extent. Someone, somewhere doesn’t want all the bad publicity that tragic acts such as these create. But as with alcoholism and drug addiction, one has to first admit they they have a problem before a solution is offered. One of the first steps is to express outrage. Write letters to the Montclair Times, your township officials, the Mayor. Express your outrage that this is happening in your town and demand a working solution to the problem. Establish a neighborhood watch. If you see something, say something. Trite, but true.

  23. Montclair is an amazing town, known nationwide. When I was in college and still to this day when I tell people I am from/ live in Montclair the response is nothing but great. Except now more recently these shootings has become an earache to its residents. From mission st over to pine up to the projects on greenwood is the only bad part of this beautiful town. Predominantly black neighborhoods, but somehow that may come off racist?.. The cops need to stop having speed checkpoints around town and your click it or tick it campaign and put 25 police officers in this less then one mile square radius. Anyway on the street past midnight automatic stop and frisk. Anyone look suspicious anytime of day, automatic stop and frisk. Go by greenwood go by new and mission and the people are not the people known to montclair. Knock the dilapidated houses down, kick out the tenants and start over. Forget the damn old folks home and start down there. Don’t let these few incidents on these few streets ruin the reputation of this great town.

  24. The key to changing the demographics of an area starts with Gov’t investment.

    Then greed takes over!

    By changing the visual dynamics of the streets that are most dilapidated the property owners will have incentive to use this benefit and appropriate their rent accordingly. Secondly, if rents can be obtained at a level that Developers/Private Investment can effectively return on their investments, money will come. I think you are all so wrong to use crime as a way to push against forwarding the Master Plan. Investment is key.

  25. The same two people were shot at???? WTF Monclair PD!!! Swarm that area with officers and get rid of the gangs for good!! It’s not like everyone doesn’t know these gangs exist…and that their headquarters is on Greenwood Ave. DO SOMETHING before someone innocent loses their life to these THUGS!!!!! So sick of this crap..Maybe if the police spent more time patrolling the streets for crime instead of patrolling the streets for traffic violaters we might get somewhere!! Get them out of this town for good!!!

  26. Slfnj-

    “The same two people were shot at???? WTF Monclair PD!!!”

    Doesn’t that tell you something.. They missed their target last time and obviously came back to finish the job

  27. No, silverleaf is not being somewhat ingenuous.

    But more self-aggrandizing, convoluted rhetoric by cathar.

    Now, if silverleaf could only understand cathar’s comment, he’d respond to it.

  28. jerseygurl – What exactly did you say that caused me to try to convince you that you were being wrongly judgemental when you commented about the neighborhood being unsafe?

    Do you remember?

    Without the exact quote your comment is meaningless, you realize that.

  29. fedup-
    Clearly that is what happened.
    I too am FEDUP!!!
    Get these THUGS off the streets!!!
    Someone innocent is going to get killed, and until then, the MPD will continue to turn a blind eye.
    It’s an embarassment!

  30. Huh, you mean Baskerville’s unity meeting didn’t immediately solve this problem? I am floored. Seemed like such a solid plan.

  31. just bulldoze it. The town council, MPD, and montclair naacp have had 30 years to clean up the neighborhood, and have failed. Let the developers do some sort of “transit village” or whatever. Montclair is incapable of solving the problem.

  32. My thoughts are with the young woman and the kids. Since this appears to not be random, they must STILL be in fear.

    Isolated, non-random incidents, like this one, point to a cultural issue. I’ve been pilloried by some because of my view, but this is not a legislature, council or even cop issue: this is a cultural issue where some feel that using a gun to “settle” a dispute is proper.

    Moreover, I don’t blame the America’s gun “fascination”- that’s too easy. Because if this were true, we’d see an equal number of White kids in White suburbs shooting each other. Asian kids killing Asian kids, etc. at these numbers. But we don’t. So there must be something else.

    This is where some jump up and scream RACIST! because of the nasty fact that Blacks kill Blacks out of proportion with our % of the population.

    I’m old enough to remember when Black folks believed the best plan was to be better than your White counterpart (good manners, study hard, speak well, etc.). was the way to Uphold the Race. Back when Black men were stigmatized when the left the mother of his child.

    Now though, with 73%* of Black babies being born out of wedlock, it’s just normal. (This % is rising for all races too.) So normal, it’s cultural– relating to ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society.

    So forgive me if I know that no one is even close to addressing the larger issue of why this happens.

    But for those good folks in the neighborhood living in fear, I do hope Montclair tries an all-of-the-above strategy to ease this violence.


  33. Montclair aka North Orange has a problem!
    Weak incompetent police force!!!
    2-3 block area and the police can’t get a handle on this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “bring in police from surrounding towns like E.O. Bloomfield, Orange and Newark or operation PUSH circa 1985.

  34. I remember quite a few years ago on mischief night, there was an all out riot on Bloomfield Ave by the Pathmark. Lots of property damage and innocent people pulled from their cars and assaulted. That following year, on mischief night all of the black leaders from town walked the streets along with the MPD. The religious leaders from all the churches in town, people who had vested interest in their fellow neighbors walked arm in arm. Not one incident occurred. It was amazing to witness.
    Why can’t we get the pastors, the reverends, the priest and counselors, anyone who has a true interest in the people who live in this section of town, to come in and move the bad out. The community along with the MPD is the only way we can solve this. Friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors. Borrow the big lights from the fire department or some movie company that films here all the time and light the area up all night. Get some big tents from the sheriff’s office and set up shop. Do something instead of just saying it’s the laughing stock of our town. Organize and people will come. Let’s all chip in and save the good people of this neighborhood before some innocent child is found dead in the street or an elderly person is found in their bed with bullet from a stray round.

  35. In my observation of Montclair, we just don’t seem to have many police officers on our streets. I can’t say how many are out there but it doesn’t seem to be a lot. I believe we do have too many higher end officers and not enough doing the work on the streets. This problem isn’t new, it is just we haven’t done enough to crack the problem. Flooding the area of trouble isn’t a bad idea but the town needs to see action not more plans and etc. The heat now rests on our mayor, our town manager and our chief of police. I agree with the phrase that said, “enough with the developers and master plans” The town is in the process of loosing the town. Somebody better get to work on this. Mr. Mayor? The town council? The town manager? The chief of police? All of them!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. A 2 block radius having problems is hardly “losing the town”, some of you people need to get a grip.

  37. The MPD is not having a good 2013 but it is not entirely their fault. They can’t be expected to hold the bag for a few towns around us that are not getting the job done curtailing their own crime. We just need to be proactive right now and hire more police officers and get them on the street.

  38. Institute a CopStat type system in the town so we can get hard data on whether or not our police resources are being deployed appropriately. Break the town down into sectors, have a commanding officer responsible for each sector, and hold the commanding officer and police chief accountable for any crime that occurs in their sectors.

    Zero tolerance, 100% accountability.

  39. The gang tagging all over town needs to be addressed. It represents gang presence and not addressing it sends the message that as a community we are ok with it! Montclairgirl’s comment is spot on and gives a solution involving the community working together.

  40. Young male, wants to be ‘hard’, buys gun to get ‘respect’. WTF is the first thing he’s going to want to do with it? Uh, duh, shoot a rival or someone who made fun of his kicks at school.

    Cops will have to put foot patrols in this neighborhood 24/7 or roll up at random moments and literally check every young person they can find for illegal weapons. Nothing else will work.

  41. Naji Love, one of the shooting victims, was arrested on May 13th of this year for attempted burglary from a car.

  42. It’s National Night out tonight. Time for Mission St and environs to get out and turn on the lights. See if you can find any police presence or even better yet, the chief of police.

  43. Sure bickernet. Let the gangs and thugs prowl. Tell that to the parents of the girl on the ventilator. Nothing to see here, just another shooting in our diverse yet upscale community.

  44. Why do the people in my neighborhood manage to behave themselves without a continuous reminder from the police? Hmm?

  45. Did you see my second comment deadeye??? I’m not referring to the stop and frisk remark, try reading next time.

  46. “Guess word got out before this incident could be branded a murder/suicide..”

    It’s this comment that is ridiculously stupid

  47. Bickernet – shootings and drug trade, not to mention bank robberies and gas line brawls seem to originate in south east Montclair. They continue. These problems will be addressed by more than this message board when it happens at MHS. Until then, more innocent victims. How about addressing the real issue? I’ve lived in this town for 35 years, sent kids through these schools. We all know where the violent problems come from in this town. Police it for the safety of the good people who live there.

  48. @bickernet – Noted. What’s a dead eye?

    And I am still waiting for you to add to the discussion. Try doing so.

  49. And FYI cturner I agree with everything you just said, I saw plenty of brawls and large scale incidents at MHS by the way, and those individuals involved are certainly the ones who go on to commit the crimes you mention.

  50. That would tell me that trying to take better control of the problem while it’s right in front of us in the schools might be wise.

  51. Deadeye: It’s both a nautical term referring to an element of the rigging in a sailing ship, and also an term of recoginition of exceptional marksmanship. You moron.

  52. Can anyone say negative feedback loop? We need a nice gentrification cocktail. The current residents don’t care too much for any real change. We would not have to have this conversation on Baristanet every few months if they did.

    Serious question, how many could afford the rents / home prices if we stripped out the drugs, crime and run down homes?

    Increasing the tax base would be a good thing.

  53. whowantwhat: You suggest that a community needs to have its Mission St for a truly diverse profile. Sort of, “we welcome all, no one is excluded, a place for everyone.” Affording the rents and prices is what “affordable housing” is all about. The area could be upgraded, and then discounted as to taxes, and artificially priced to fit, subsidized by the rest of the town or state. Then to make sure no one profits from the subsidies, the benefactor owners must sell to only similar eligibles. It creates a permanent pocket of ungentrified, if you will, housing. Better to leave it as it is. As all boats rise on the tide, it too could improve. I think they will do just fine.

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