Ask Holly: New School Year, New Printable Morning/After School Routine Chart


School starts soon and the parenting hat change countdown has begun. Soon I will have to switch the “Easy, breezy-sleep-in-blow-your-mind-out-with-screens” hat with the “Sergeant-major-drill-master-get-your-keister-out-of-bed” hat. Fortunately during the last two years, we have had great success with our Printable Morning/After School Routine Chart. It keeps the kids organized and responsible.

The rule is simple: Don’t ask Mom or Dad for something unless you have completed the things on your chart. As my children grow and change, so do our daily tasks. Each year I add more tasks to our charts.

Printable Morning/After School Routine

If you need the basics, like “Brush Teeth” and “Make Bed” here are the links for last year’s Morning Routine Chart and After School Routine Chart.

Printable Morning/After School Routine Chart additions:

  • Walk Dog
  • Feed Pet
  • Put on Deodorant
  • Put away laundry
  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Have school papers signed
  • Pack instrument
  • Pack after school gear
  • Empty and put away school folders
  • Take A bath/shower
  • Do homework
  • Sweep after dinner

Printable Morning/After School Routine

Use whatever computer program you like to create the chart and download our Printable Before/After School Routine Chart Extras here.  Cut out the tasks that work for your family and create your chart. The fish circle is blank so you can write in whatever pet and task your child need to complete. Last year I framed up our lists and declared them art.

Printable Morning/After School Routine I asked my friends what they would like their children to do before or after school. Here are a couple that didn’t make the list :

  • Rubbing MY feet and fixin’ me a drink!
  • My kids always forget to put the champagne back in the cooler. Warm champagne for breakfast is the PITS. But, we muddle through.

What would you add to our list?

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

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  1. Hi there, I am brand new to your page and absolutely love it! 🙂
    These printables are by far the most gorgeous ones I have been able to find (Thankyou!) and was wondering if you could maybe add some more to your wonderful list? Nighttime ones, like bath, story time, playtime, dinner, kisses goodnight?
    If not thats alright, I am definitely making great use of the ones you already put up 🙂
    Cant wait to spend a bit more time looking through your other posts x

  2. Thanks Sammy.

    Great ideas I will add. I’m working on a screen-free day chart. Do you have any favorite screen free activities for your children?

  3. Thankyou! 🙂
    Well my two are still toddlers (4 & 3) so we still do lots of painting, crafts, trips to the park. At the moment its just gone springtime here in Australia so we have been riding our bikes a lot. The kids absolutely love it x

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