Ask Holly: Ooh-la-la Locker Decor

Locker Decor

Yes. You are not losing your mind—I said locker decor. Decorating school lockers is now the “it” thing to do and if it hasn’t hit your household yet—just give it time—it will.  Just don’t shoot the messenger here, as I recently had a mother forbid me from writing about this subject while buying supplies.

The good news is I was able to fancy up my child’s locker for about $20 and we can use the same decor and or change it up a bit for next year by adding a new pattern of duct tape. Most of the cost was locker chandelier light I found at Staples for $12. Everything else was a $1 here and there. I have even figured out how to incorporate our miles of Rainbow Loom creations into the locker decorations into the locker business.

Locker Decor

Post-It notes and magnets:
Turn the flowers and or notes face down, put the magnet in the center, then simply cut off a square of duct tape and secure the magnet in place. TIP:You could do the same thing using playing or collectors cards if your child does not want flowers.

Wipe-board and Rainbow Loom pen keeper:

  • I picked up the wipe board at Staples for $1 and we personalized it with star stickers. You could also decorate it with duct tape.
  • Knowing my kid, that wipe pen will not be put back on its cap and end up dried out at the bottom of her locker within the week. So, I duct taped  one end of a loomed piece to the end of the pen, then taped the other end to a magnet. Then I cut around the tape to clean it up a bit. Now it can just hang from the magnet.


Locker Decor

Duct tape locker pockets:

  • Measure out three strips of duct tape about 7″ long and overlap them about 1/2″, sticky side up, one over the other. Flip over and do the same on the other side. DON’T WORRY ABOUT MESSY EDGES
  • Take another color of tape and tear of a 7″ strip. Now tape it down top about 3/4″, turn it over and tape down the other side.
  • Cut off excess on the sides.
  • Fold your duct tape sheet into a cylinder shape overlapping the back about 1/2″(depending on how large you would like it to be)
  • Tear off a piece of tape about the length of your pocket and secure the pocket on the back with the tape starting at the top being careful not to overlap the tape. Excess tape at the bottom is fine. just fold the excess under.
  • Using your second color tape, tear off a piece  a bit longer than the bottom of the pocket. Tape it halfway on one side then flip and tape it down on the other side
  • Cut off excess tape
  • Place your magnet on the back of the pocket about 1″ down from the top and tape in place. TIP: you may want to use two magnets on your pocket depending on what will be put inside to keep it from sliding down.

Locker Decor

Most schools allow children to decorate lockers as long as everything can be removed without damaging the locker at the end of the year.

Locker Decor

Light, wipe board and magnets available at Staples
Silk flowers and duct tape
available  A.C. Moore  and  Michaels

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