Barista Kids Poll: Do You Always Make Your Child Buckle Up in the Car?

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Buckle Up: Every Ride, Every TimeSafe Kids Worldwide, with the partnership the General Motors Foundation, published a report today that one in four parents admitted to having driven without their child buckled up in a car seat or booster seat.

One might jump to conclusions and say that the parents allowing their children to ride without seat-belts are uneducated,  poor, or older and not knowledgeable about safety recommendations. Nope. The findings, based on a national online survey of more than 1,000 parents and caregivers, found that younger, more educated and affluent parents are the ones more likely to take a risk.

Some of the reasons parents gave for not buckling their kids were: to reward them, it’s just a short trip, or it’s an overnight trip and I wanted them to be comfortable.

According to Safe World Kids, car crashes are the leading causes of death to children in the U.S., of the children who died in car crashes in 2011, 33 percent were NOT buckled up.

Do you ALWAYS make sure your child is buckled up in the car? Do you follow car safety guidelines?

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  1. POSTED BY deebee11  |  September 19, 2013 @ 8:43 pm

    I buckle in my dog, even before it was the law. I remember a quadriplegic came to talk to us in 5th grade (28 years ago) about his car accident and how he was not wearing a seat belt, and from that day forward I would not get in a car without everyone buckling up.

  2. POSTED BY walleroo  |  September 19, 2013 @ 11:07 pm

    I buckle them into straight jackets, then tape their mouths.

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