Cat Found On Liberty Street, Bloomfield

lost cat bloomfieldA reader, Mary, writes…

I have been feeding this neutered very clean male cat since July and have not been able to locate the owner.(despite multiple postings on facebook and word of mouth). Found on Liberty Street in Bloomfield, last block next to Berkley. He is very social, vocal and follows us around our property. I cannot take him in as I have 4 other cats–although he has walked into my house as if he belongs there!

Someone is missing a very nice pet–I hope you can help locate the owners. The animal shelter will not take him as they are full–and they have no report of a missing cat from my neighborhood. I would like him “off the street” before it turns cold! You may contact me at 201-207-9262 .

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  1. Mary, thank you so much for taking care of this guy. If his family was missing him they would have put up posters and contacted shelters and the PD. I don’t think anyone is looking for this poor guy. I’m also VERY sad to know the Bloomfield Animal Shelter can’t take him because they are full. Please, do what you can to keep him safe and maybe 5 cats won’t be too much? Hopefully someone will step up for him, but I doubt it will be his former family. God bless you for caring about him. I hope someone steps up to help him or at least get him inside before the weather turns.

  2. Mary, or whomever can pass this information along to her, please check with St. Hubert’s in Madison. They are very kind and loving. I understand having 4 cats and the difficulty adding another 1. Bless you for being so kind. Here is st. Hubert’s phone number: 973.377.2295

  3. Be very careful with St. Hubert’s. I know someone who worked there, and they put a lot of animals down. They have great P.R. that manages to mask that fact!

  4. HAAL is wonderful, as is A Purrfect World, also in Bloomfield. However, unless they have the room they can’t take newcomers. I’m praying someone has room for this little one and the many, many more to follow.

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