Day Trip: Stony Hill Farms Corn Maze

Stony Hill Farms

Before you enter the corn maze at Stony Hill Farms, the ticket-taker recommends that you use the bathroom first, and then points out the emergency phone number to call. You know, in case you get lost and they have to come find you.

They’re not kidding, either. The main maze at this farm in Chester, NJ, is 10 full acres of corn, with wrong turns, switchbacks and stalks so high it’s easy to imagine getting too turned around to find the exit. But it’s even easier to have a lot of fun at Stony Hill, because they really went the extra acre…errr, mile. The maze has stations strewn throughout with trivia for Kernel B. Cobb’s Word Game and iconic images for Cornelius Quest’s Picture Find—each kid gets a worksheet and crayon for the games, just in case they need a little extra motivation to navigate through the maze.

The maze features a theme each year (pirates, dinosaurs, etc.), and this year it’s nice and topical: the Garden State Governor’s Race. How do you make that the theme of a corn maze? Check out the aerial view:

Stony Hill Farms

A maze like that would have been plenty enough for our family, but it’s only one part of what Stony Hill has on offer. There’s a Mini Corn Maze for younger kids, plus a Rope Maze, Tile Maze and Miner Maze. And a Noah’s Ark Playground. And a wooden tractor to climb. And pumpkins. And fresh cider donuts. And a full farmer’s market.

We spent about 2 hours at the farm, and barely did half of it. But we didn’t see a kid or adult who wasn’t having a great time (or a good snack). And really, that main corn maze? It’s NUTS. In a good way.

Stony Hill Farms

Stony Hill Farms Maze Fun Park
Location: 15 North Road, Chester, NJ 07930, (908) 879-2908
Hours: Open daily 10 am – 6 pm (or until 9pm some nights—check the schedule)
Cost: Ages 10 yrs +: $12.99 each; Ages 3-9 yrs: $10.98 each; Ages 2 yrs and under: FREE
Age: There’s something appropriate for most age groups; the main corn maze is really only for 5+

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