Exercise to Benefit Kids in Syria: Garden State Yoga and Others to Donate All Profits

IMG_7203smAnderson Cooper talked about Syria the other night on CNN. He said the photos of what what the Assad regime is doing to children (among others) were too gruesome and horrifying to show on TV.

I took his words to mean that I should go look the pictures up on Google. The images I saw that turned me into a steamy mixture of tears, nausea and bad dreams. I want to tell you not to look, but maybe you should. Maybe then their country’s nightmare will become real.

Seth Weisberg, co-owner of Garden State Yoga, was also struck by the horrific situation–and he decided to do something about it. He approached local fitness studios and asked them to participate in a Save the Children in Syria Fundraiser. Teaming up with Ashtanga Yoga Montclair and 3Sixty and Boone studios, each place will donate all of the profits they make on upcoming days to the Save the Children organization starting Friday.

Weisberg came up with the plan after reading an article by Sanjay Gupta. “It made me stop and think that it is common for kids to die of starvation–or worse,” he said. “I realize  these types of things happen all over the world. But it it’s bad right now in Syria and if we can help even a little, it can make a huge difference.”

Mark Cohen, co-owner at 3Sixty agreed. “As soon as Seth called, it was not a question that this was something we wanted to do,” he said.

So go ahead and visit the following fitness businesses this Friday through Monday and exercise to benefit kids in Syria. Your hard-earned cash and sweat will go directly to a badly needed cause. 

Join the local studios on the dates listed below for yoga, spin, boot camp or barre class. On their given day, each one will donate 100 percent of the profits to Save the Children.

Friday, Sept. 27
Garden State Yoga Bloomfield

Saturday, Sept. 28
Ashtanga Yoga Montclair

Sunday, Sept. 29
Boone Studio

Monday, Sept. 30
3Sixty Cycling & Fitness Studio

In true yogi spirit, Weisberg added, “With all of the studios that are joining us we are able to bring more awareness to the issue. This is an opportunity to join together and make a bigger difference than if we were working alone.”

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