Get Through The Early Days of Parenthood By *sparking* Conversation

 The Longest Shortest Time

New parents can often feel isolated in the challenges that surround new parenthood. And sometimes, both the physical and emotional strains can be exhausting. These days, there are many resources at the fingertips of eager but tired parents thanks to the magic of the Internet. Local author and parent, Hillary Frank, has been sharing harrowing and heartwarming stories through her podcast series The Longest Shortest Time, a series of podcasts revealing truths about early parenthood.

In preparation for a kickstarter to fund the development of her popular podcasts, Hillary has a fun and creative method of “sparking” conversation about new parenthood. *spark*cards are designed to do just what they sound like. They come in packs of 16, each with a different favorite quote from The Longest Shortest Time. Hillary is making these *spark*cards available to groups that want to create even stronger supportive networks — groups of friends, breastfeeding support groups, yoga studios, mommy & me classes, new dads meetups—wherever moms and dads gather. Make your request here and stay tuned for information about her Longest Shortest Time kickstarter next week!

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