Montclair Police Warn About Possible Fake PSE&G Employee Scam

The Montclair Police just sent out the following community safety alert about the possibility of a person impersonating a PSE&G worker:

Montclair Police received a report of a person possibly pretending to be a PSE&G employee in the community. PSE&G employees must carry identification and the identification should be produced upon request. If any utility company employee attempts to or requests entry into your residence/business and you’re uncertain if they are legitimate, please contact Montclair Police Department (973-744-1234) for assistance.

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  1. Hoe does one “possibly pretend” to be a PSE&G employee. Were they pretending or were they not pretending? You can never get straight talk form anyone in montclair.

  2. no, montyman, i nominate your initial comment for the prize.

    not only does it show you to be entirely unaware of how law enforcement organizations have to legally couch their communications, but you then take the leap to characterize this accepted practice as a critique of the MPD and, if i read you correctly, the entire township.

    thus, in one brief post, you expose our new psycho-state of willful ignorance, boneheaded entitlement and an irrepressible desire to project such, all wrapped up in a neat little unassuming package.


  3. This makes perfect sense to any logical individual. Of course they must say “possibly pretended” as there is no proof here whatsoever, just suspicion because this guy probably didn’t have an ID.

  4. you are an absolute troll jcunningham. the mpd statement is incomplete. they could have added more information in their release. did the person reporting this ask for id and the other person refused? more facts you get to the public the better.

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