Montclair’s FASHIONable Night Out

mfnoopen2Wondering what to wear this season? I know I am.  Want to know what is smoking hot and what should just be smoking because it needs to be burned? If you attended Montclair’s A FASHIONable Night Out you got a peek at the hot looks our local stores featured on the catwalk.

Trend setters, label whores, fashionistas, the fashion po-po, fash-hos, swaggers, baggers and the fierce ones, all terms for the well heeled and all terms that I would like to stick my fork in, and call them done (all but fash-ho I just made that one up).

My mother claimed that I had a gift for knowing what would be in style before anything hit runway or rack. Cutting up my clothes and begging my mom to sew them back together to match the vision in my head, I was a total pain in the arse. I am still a fashion junkie raising a mini junkie. I cried tears of joy the day my 10 year old announced she thought the clothes in Justice, the pre-tween mall “it” store,  were just ugly. That’s my girl.

mfnokidHere are the top choices from some of our fashionable local stores for Fall/Winter fashion trends:

  • FUR – Fur coats, shawls & stoles are flying out of the store. Also reptile skins and prints, lots of leather and suede.
  • MILITARY – From jackets to khaki/olive and camouflage , vintage and contemporary, military and military-inspired pieces (check out the store’s front window).
  • POP OF VINTAGE – We are moving away from the costume-y, head-to-toe vintage looks.  This is even more true for men, who are embracing the slim-cut vintage 60’s and 70’s patterned shirts, which creates an uber-contemporary, creative spin under a plain blazer or with jeans.

My Blue Suede Shoes-

  • For the ladies: This fall the store will be carrying all sorts of short boots, ankle to mid calf, lots of great styles and some with a slight western flair.  They will also start carrying Dr. Martens lace up boots in great colors and patterns for the younger crowd.
  • For the gents-  Perennial “chukka boots,” which are lace up ankle high shoes that have been around since the forties in a tan suede that was called the “desert boot” and was popular with the beats, especially Kerouac.   What’s different now is they come in black and brown leather and can be worn with suits for business, according to a big article in this month’s GQ magazine. They will have them in a beautiful soft black leather and in blue suede of course.

mfnoopen1The Accessory Box:

  • Stackable Bracelets
  • Equestrian style handbags
  • Long necklaces, with short worn together
  • Tie dye tops

One Savvy Design

  • Colors such as winter white and army green as well as various prints from tweed, houndstooth, and leopard.
  • Military-inspired looks, infusing leather into an outfit, color-blocking, layering, and mixing textures are on trend.
  • A statement outwear piece with fur and leather details completes any look.

mfno1Thursday kicked off A FASHIONable Night Out with a bang or more like a kaboom as a huge storm moved through. The Montclair Center Fashion Show was originally scheduled to take place on Church Street was  moved inside to the Clairidge Lobby. Local stores put together fantastic fall/winter 2013 looks and the models hit the catwalk.

The Young Girls Show, Afro Pin Up Fashion Show and Sofistafunk Fall Preview events were moved to Friday night in front of Atelier where chairs and a red carpet were set up on sidewalk. The children were adorable the designs were fantastic but Tywan Bynum, an MSU dance major, stole the show. Tywan worked the carpet and performed the full Beyonce to both Crazy in Love and All of the Single Ladies. And let me tell you that baby boy worked his Uh-uh-oh for a good six minutes! As my daughter and I watched wide-eyed, he owned South Fullerton Ave., with everyone standing up and clapping along.

Such a wonderful event — I wished it continued all weekend. Do you hear me Luther Flurry? Thanks to owner Rob Greco of Atelier, the Montclair BID and all of the stores that participated in this wonderful event.

Smoking Hot:
This season I am crazy in love with miss-cut shirts, tiny bits of black and white prints layered, furry hand bags and thick thigh-high stockings with high boots and shorty shorts.

Burn it:

  • Geometric dresses that make people dizzy
  • Wearing all black
  • Bling on 98% of all women’s clothing
  • Big ugly bags filled with “but I can’t leave home without 198 things” yes—- you can

What do think is smoking and what would you like to see smoked this season?


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  1. What a great event! I would like to see those dirty wool hats that look like big socks smoked. I think the unwashed look is finally on it’s way out even in Williamsburg. Events like these are so good for downtown businesses.

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