Proposed Montclair Quest Academy Charter Appeals to State Supreme Court

Quest Academy

CORRECTION: An appellate court sided with the state last May, but the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case yesterday. A decision is not expected for at least a month or two.

Quest Academy Charter School, the name of the proposed charter school for high school students in Montclair, tried to get approval from the Department of Education six times, each getting denied. Yesterday, founder Tracey Williams and the rest of the team behind the proposed Quest Academy, went before the state Supreme Court arguing that the state’s review process is flawed as a whole and has been particularly so in relation to Quest’s bid, NJ Spotlight reported yesterday.

Williams and other Quest members “maintain they have met every one of the state’s requirements and nonetheless continue to be turned aside.” They argue that the charter application process is a quasi-judicial one that comes with strict requirements of evidence.

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  1. Umm, you’ve linked to (and quoted from) the May 22, 2012 Appellate Division decision. Did the New Jersey Supreme Court really decide this case in the State’s favor yesterday, or did the Court merely hear argument on the issue? Please get your facts straight. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the fix. Your article is still a little unclear — I believe that the New Jersey Supreme Court actually heard argument on the merits on the 9th; the Court did not merely agree to hear argument (i.e., at some future date) on the 9th. Some reporting on what was actually said at the argument on the 9th (and, even, perhaps, about the contents of the briefs submitted to the Supreme Court by the parties) would be more complete reporting. But still, a vast improvement over what you had previously posted, so thanks.

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