UPDATE: Fatality at Mountain Ave Train Station in Upper Montclair

 Mountain Avenue train station

Update: 2:20 pm: William Smith of NJ Transit, has given us the following update:

Investigation by NJ Transit police is still ongoing. The man who was fatally struck  has been identified as David N. Levy, 43, of Montclair


Update: 9:14 am:

Cross-honoring along the Montclair-Boonton Line is no longer in effect.

Update 8:24 am: William Smith from NJ Transit spoke to Baristanet with an information update:
The trespasser fatality occurred at approximately 6:45 am at the train crossing at Laurel Street. At this time, there is no positive identification of the adult male fatality. There were approx. 400 customers on board the Hoboken-bound train at the time of the accident. No customers or train crew were injured.

Update: 7:50 am: Police have Laurel Place blocked off from Valley Road, where they are on the scene at the Mountain Avenue Train Station.

At 7:05 am this morning, Breaking News Network sent out the following message: “NJ| Essex| Montclair| *Fatal Person Struck By Train*| Upper Montclair Station| Montclair/Boonton Line service is suspended in both directions due to a person that was struck by a train near the station.

We’ll update as we learn more. 

NJ Transit Montclair/Boonton Line service is suspended both ways:

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  1. Road next to Keil’s Pharmacy is closed off, police cruisers and ambulance on the scene. Hope it wasn’t another suicide by train.

  2. 9:10 AM: Montclair-Boonton service restored and cross-honoring is no longer in effect. Trains on or near schedule, according to NJT.

  3. It’s just plain bad any way you look at it, for all concerned. Everyone is affected to one degree or another, even the passengers.

  4. A suicide means the person would have been depressed, without hope, and incredibly unhappy before he died. Much worse, IMO, than an accident. Either way, a horrible tragedy for everyone involved.

  5. Relieved to see that people are expressing theuir condolescence, regardless of the casue, and awaiting more information. Without facts as to what happened, it is ludicrous to start pontificating that NJ Transit is doing it all right, all wrong, etc. Most of us just have no clue what this is all about. Other than it’s horrible.

  6. “tresspasser fatality”?
    Thank you, New jersey Transit! I was afraid it might have been a person.
    You should find someone else to do your tweeting.

  7. Of course once again some moron had to post about how it was wrong to refer to this individual as a “tresspasser”

  8. Most of the time I think of this place where we live–Montclair, northern NJ, NYC metro region–as being full of interesting people doing interesting, lively things. Then something like this happens and words like lonely, anonymous, fractious come to mind.

  9. To all you posters who are weighing in on this tragedy (if often only because you feel the need to weigh in on everything…and it’s easy to know who you are, if one cared to): when it comes to a suicide, I am closely associated with a situation from more than a dozen years ago and it never leaves my nights. While the person I knew chose a private place, not the train tracks, to finish a decision that had probably been made many months or years before, for those who survive — friends, family, colleagues — the pain never halfway subsides, and then this happens again, and the sadness is again in full ugly bloom. Think of the family, think of the children, the friends, even think of the EMT team that had to deal with this, but above all think of the suffering that this poor man was enduring in front of us all for so long and yet we never knew, and our shock cannot diminish. And it should not. In so many of these posts, I read words from people who seem to have been educated only in grammar, never in sympathy. That is being generous. Before you post again, find out — privately — who this man was and go quietly to his funeral service, go to the burial and stand in back, wearing a suit and tie, and slowly follow the procession out of the cemetery. Then see if you are a better person for never having been afflicted with something that would make you take your life. Then see. And then post something that might help us all, instead of just filling the ego that makes you expose yourself on this site.

  10. I didn’t see a single insensitive post above. Overwhelmingly express sympathy for the guy, his family, and the train people.

  11. … instead of just filling the ego that makes you expose yourself on this site.

    Argh! I HATE people who fill up their egos by posting here. They’re almost as bad as the scolds.

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