Ask Holly: 8 Ways to Use Halloween Spider, Bat and Skull Rings

8 Ways to Use Halloween Spider, Bat and Skull Rings

There you are sitting at your desk a  few days before Halloween and an -mail like this comes in:

Reminder- You have signed up to bring in the class craft, treat, drink or fill the blank thing you totally forgot about.

First you freak out. Then, you curse out the class mom for existing, the colors black and orange, and whatever random druid/ancient culture this holiday originated from—damn them all to hell!  Calm sets in as you tell yourself you will just stop at the party store and grab something awesome and save yourself. You head to the store only to find, what was once an orange and black aisle, is now gone and replaced with a red and green “holiday” aisle. With your fist in the air you shout out, “DAMN YOU HALLOWEEN!”,  because clearly it is the holiday’s fault, not your lack of planning (I know I have been there, way-way too often).

But thankfully you remember reading this great post that showed you with only a couple of bucks and a trip to your local drug/dollar store you could make awesome things with plastic Halloween spider, bat, and skull rings. Cool ideas for a class party, fun quick hair ideas for school, cocktail party tricks, and decorations!

Here are 8 Ways to Use Halloween Spider, Bat and Skull Rings for decorations, games, crafts and more:

8 Ways to Use Halloween Spider, Bat and Skull Rings1) Spider Cubes/Punch Mold
This is about as easy as it gets. Simply put a spider ring in each square of your ice cube tray, add water and freeze. I cut the ring part off of half of my spiders and shoved them down into the tray. For a  punch mold add the spider rings evenly around your mold (I find a ring works the best as it freezes quickly) and add either water or juice. Clear juice, such as white cranberry, or with an added touch of food coloring looks nice and creepy. The spiders will float to the top so when you add your mold to your punch put the bottom side up. Freeze and add to your punch before serving.

2) Spider/Bat Cocktail Drink Garnishes
Place the ring either on the rim of the glass to garnish or inside like in one of my favorite Halloween Cocktails the Moonhattan. Want to make one? Click right here.

8 Ways to Use Halloween Spider, Bat and Skull Rings3) Paper Plate Web Craft
If making this craft for a group of children I suggest making them up beforehand. Take a medium sized paper plate and punch holes around the outside. Cut a length of white yarn about 40″ and secure tightly on the back of the plate with  Scotch tape. Rub a bit of white glue on the end of the yarn and roll with your fingers to make a point. Let glue dry. This will keep the yarn from fraying at the end making it easy for little hands. Have the kids weave the yarn in and out of the holes however they like and when they’re done, tape the other end of the yarn on the back of the plate. Let them put on a spider or two and you have a cute spider craft.

4) Spider Wreath
Simply paint a plain grapevine wreath from the craft store with gloss black spray paint. Let it dry and have you child decorate it with that gross spider webbing and spider rings.

5) Spider Braids
Put spider, skull, and bat rings into braids. The green and orange spiders give the braids a bit of fun color. Use bright colors on dark hair and dark colors on light hair.

6) Duct Tape Flowers
Follow directions here for awesome Halloween duct tape flowers and slip a spider ring through through the pencil and then add a second leaf to keep it in place.

8 Ways to Use Halloween Spider, Bat and Skull Rings7) Guess the Spiders in the Jar Game
A quick and easy game asking children to guess how many spiders are in the jar. The closest guess wins.

8) Wine Glass Charms
This one is for mommy and daddy time. Put some rings in a glass, I like the skull rings for charms. Put another glass with different colored sharpies  next to the rings and have guests customize their skull face charm such as blacken teeth, one eye green and another black etc.

Halloween questions? Just Just Ask Holly in comments.

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