Barista Kids Poll: How Much Will You Spend on Halloween This Year?

How Much Will You Spend on Halloween This Year?

According to the National Retail Federation,  nearly 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities, slightly less than the survey high of 170 million people last year. Those celebrating will also trim their budgets, with the average celebrant expected to spend $75.03 on decor, costumes, candy and fun, down from $79.82 last year. Overall, average spending on Halloween has increased 54.7 percent since 2005, with total spending estimated to reach $6.9 billion in 2013.

If you buy costumes, it’s easy to spend that much or more per child, unless you’re  like Holly, and make one of her DIY Halloween costumes.

However, since we really haven’t had a true Halloween celebration in our area thanks to Nor’Easter’s and a freak Hurricane, this year you may be going all out.

How much will you spend on Halloween this year?

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