Feral (?) Cat Roaming Redwood Section of West Orange

westorangecatMrs. Martta here. For the past two months or so, we’ve noticed a grey tabby roaming the neighborhood. Not sure of its gender. He/she wears no collar but looks healthy, not malnourished. We’re just concerned that with the cooler weather coming, this kitty will have a rough time. We’ve left food out but he/she seems skittish and always runs away when approached. We live in the Redwood section of West Orange.

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  1. UPDATE: We’ve grown quite fond of this little guy (it’s definitely a male). We plan to bring to the vet first thing Saturday morning to get him checked out for any diseases and also to get him neutered. We also think he is blind but we’re not 100 percent sure. For now, we created a shelter for him in our garden and we’re feeding him. We don’t believe he is feral after all, but a stray, since he is very friendly and lets my husband pick him up and pet him. We will also have the vet check for a microchip as well. If it turns out he’s truly a stray, we’ll either keep him or make arrangements with a sanctuary.

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