Help Create Anthropologie’s Folkloric-Inspired Winter Window Display In Montclair

anthropologie red beads
Learn to craft beads like these…

My young daughter and I love Anthropologie’s inventive, naturalistic window displays. I had a hard time last week keeping her from leaping into the current fantastical tableau: a forest blanketed with real moss featuring a rustic table and stools, cut from logs, and exquisitely set with colorful ceramic Anthropologie dishes.

So when I heard the Montclair store plans to host a holiday display workshop, I signed-up on the spot. Anthropologie’s talented display coordinator, Anna Slowey, says volunteers will help craft and string paper beads and ornaments into garlands to decorate a Christmas tree.

“We’ll train you. No specific skills or power tools are needed,” laughs Slowey, who is also an architectural designer and expert in hands-on installation, fabrication, and construction. She thinks customers will love the classical Russian folkloric theme that Anthropologie is incorporating into the display, using many recycled materials.

...and these, too.
…and these, too.

“The Anthropologie aesthetic is all about upcycling, reclaiming, and re-imagining common things,” says Slowey. “We have a room here filled with old fabric, books, crates, and whatever else we can find to use in our displays.”

She says this isn’t the type of workshop where you take home the crafts you’ve made, but hopefully you can leave with some inspiration. “Come for an hour or two, drink cider, hang out and work with us,” says Slowey. “If you love crafts, you’ll have fun. And hopefully you’ll pick up some exciting new ways to think about materials.”

Anthropologie holiday display workshop:

Thursday and Friday, October 24/25th, 10-4pm. Free. Call the store to RSVP: (973) 509-0213.

anthropologie fall window

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  1. CEO of this company sells all sorts of cute stuff to gay and straight people, but supported Santorum for President and opposes full rights for the gay people he sells his crap too. Amazing that all my friends who get their hackles up about Chick Filet (whatever it’s called) are more than happy to continue putting money in this guy’s pocket. I will spend my money elsewhere. Don’t care how cute my kids find their trinkets.

  2. It feels a little early for a holiday window still. But I guess nothing really, not even winter holiday cheer, is out of place in the Halloween season.

    I just reserved my spot 🙂 Feel free to say hello!


  3. for clarification, from wiki:

    Richard Hayne…operates over 200 stores under three brands: Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie…has been criticized for donating about $13,000 to then-Senator Rick Santorum until 2006…

    (Urban Outfitters) later partnered with the National Center for Lesbian Rights to release a…shirt expressing support for marriage equality in 2009.
    Hayne has avoided stating his own views on homosexuality.

  4. We love our super involved Montclair community at Anthropologie and I am looking forward to meeting some new faces at the workshop 🙂

    While our workshop will be learning about and contributing to a front of store display, all workshop guests are very welcome to take home a special handmade ornament of their own for themselves or their loved ones!

    Hope to see you there!
    Anna Slowey

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