Luna Stage Rises With The High Water Mark

High_Water Mark_2In vino veritas. There’s truth in wine.”
“Then what’s there in vodka?”

When my husband told me he got us tickets to go see a comedy, my first thought was, “Greeeaatt — this is going to suck.” I have a rather twisted sense of humor, so sometimes, while others are laughing, I can be found scoping the theater for all available exits.

Well, about 10 minutes into Luna Stage’s production of The High Water Mark, I found myself tearing up, laughing (I may have even snorted). And when the character Lily pulls out the side mirror from her Jaguar and claims it is a funky compact, I was done for.

The High Water Mark begins as practical, frumpy Janet is awakened at one in the morning by her recently estranged friend Lily as she yells, swears and pounds on Janet’s door. Lily is ready to get her party on while Janet, a high school teacher, wants her out so she can go back to bed. Wine is ultimately poured while the two unravel the last 10 or so, years of their life.

When Lily is searching, and not finding, wine glasses in her friend’s sad apartment she says, “Janet, I am going to buy you so many f^cking wine glasses that after we drink a glass, we will throw it on the floor and when we look at the pile of broken glasses, then we will know how much wine we drank!”

High_Water Mark1Playwright Ben Clawson, Montclair resident and Montclair State University graduate, doles out bits of information about these two characters while weaving this hysterical, yet moving tale of two ordinary women.

Andrea Maulella, as the recently-divorced teacher, Janet, and Sabrina Profitt playing the outspoken friend, Lily are wonderful. They take both of their characters to a bold, honest place and turn them inside out.

I am still smiling and laughing a week later, it was that good.

The High Water Mark runs through Sunday, Nov. 10th. The production, directed by Luna Stage’s artistic director, Cheryl Katz, has scheduled shows on consecutive days: Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. Talkbacks with Clawson, presenting his second premiere at the theater, follow the performance on Thursday, Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Ticket prices range from $25 to $35 with discounts offered to students at $10. Season passes are also available. Show tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online at or by calling (973) 395-5551.

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  1. I went to see this and must say it really sucked me in. By the end i was thoroughly hooked. It was well worth seeing.

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