Hillside School Bike Rodeo Taught Kids New Skills

Hillside School Bike Rodeo

Last Saturday, Hillside School hosted a Bike Rodeo, as well as a Learn to Bike class, both of which were open to all Montclair children.  Fourteen kids participated in the Rodeo, and 11 in the beginner class.

Hillside School Bike Rodeo

Taught by BikeWalkMontclair instructors, the Rodeo group learned how to scan for traffic behind them, maneuver through an obstacle course, and signal their intentions to drivers and fellow riders.  Saturday’s event was part of Montclair’s Safe Routes to School program, and was organized by Hillside parent Jen Savitch.

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  1. This was such a great event. No training wheels were allowed so my son and another little one learned to ride without them.

    My 10 year old loved the event. The instructors were fantastic, full of energy and tips.

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