NJ Artist Shows Paintings of Israel in NYC Gallery

susan marx negev2
Nahal Zin, Negev, Israel, acrylic on canvas.

Susan Marx, a New Jersey-based artist who has shown her work throughout the state, is exhibiting her paintings of Israel at the A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery in New York. The exhibition, which began Oct. 1, will show through October 26.

On exhibit are six paintings, scenes of Jerusalem and the Negev, painted en plein air on site in Israel this summer.

Marx, who lives in Orange and volunteers at the Montclair Art Museum and the Newark Museum, is a modern abstract impressionist inspired by the French masters. She has traveled to Giverny, Trouville, Honfleur, Etretat, Rouen, Arles and St. Remy to paint where Monet and Van Gogh painted.

Israel is also a place of great meaning to her. Her works on Jerusalem and the Negev are paint-filled brushstrokes of a land that she loves, she says.

According to the Marunouchi Gallery, Marx’s favorite places to paint are Montclair, the Oranges, Verona and Newark.

Speaking about her work, Marx says, “I love color. I see color everywhere. I am drawn to a specific spot and look and look and look. I load up my palette, pick up a brush, holding it as a conductor would hold his baton, and begin. At that point, I don’t speak to the canvas, instead the canvas speaks to me. I smell the air and the landscape in front of me. I am transported. I paint but lose the concept of time. Fast, faster, passionately painting, furiously painting. I cannot get the colors down fast enough. Then suddenly I need air. I stop and step back to look at my canvas one last time. The painting is done.”

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