NY Times Picks Up Story of Montclair School Assessments Breach

Montclair School AssessmentsThe breach of Montclair School assessments has made the NY Times. In an article published today written by Al Baker, Superintendent Dr. Penny MacCormack says  the district is conducting  a “full legal investigation.” She said that only “teachers and senior staff here would have password access” to the secure web portal that contains the exams.

The Times article also links to Barista Kids’ breaking post of the video from a group calling itself “Anonymous,” as in the hacking network, who claimed to be responsible for the breach.

Some Background

Montclair Superintendent announced a Strategic Plan to get the district aligned with the state mandated Common Core State Standards and ready for the new testing, also state mandated, PARCC which students will take in 2015. Part of the plan were quarterly common assessments, which were developed by Montclair teachers over the summer to help measure how students were doing and as an informative device so teachers could adjust instruction and curriculum to ensure student learning. Over the weekend, someone posted 14, perhaps more, of the 1st unit assessments online. The MEA (Montclair Education Association)  and Montclair Cares For Schools ( a parent group against the Strategic Plan’s assessments)  immediately responded that the assessments not be given because they were compromised.

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  1. The absurdity of the whole situation makes this seem like a better story for The Daily Show. Or maybe The Colbert Report…

  2. Agreed. However, this is only going to make the person(s) responsible is even BIGGER trouble.

    Me thinks this will move from funny (the video) to sad (the person found, fired).

    Think about it: right now, in one of the schools, someone (or a few) is PANICKED knowing they will be found, will lose their jobs, security and reputation for nothing.

    I look forward to being in that line of commenters who “pile on” this low-life.

  3. Prof.
    what will you say if it turns out this was merely a mistake? I would suggest you fire yourself from your position of premature allegation.

  4. I think it is so absurd for anyone to be making statements like the Prof has! I highly doubt it is a teacher and even if the password is only given to the teachers And Central Office (or is it Central Services) staff, don’t things get hacked all of the time? And what if it comes out that Central services is to blame? Whose head is gonna roll then? So far I haven’t seen any accountability in any situation taken with this administration.

  5. If we want to give the benefit of the doubt, it might be plausible to think that someone “accidentally” got copies of the assessments or that the BOE secure server was hacked. It’s a little hard, however, to imagine that it wasn’t intentional to then post them on a site students go to for school related resources. Those files didnt magically jump from the BOE server to the public website where they were posted.

  6. If you’ve been paying attention, on the various other posts on this topic, I addressed the idea that this could have simply been a mistake.

    I’d rather not have to repeat my view on each post. If you really are concerned, you’d do what many of us are doing– checking BaristaKids early and often for updates.

    Or you can choose to peak-in, and feel like you’re joining in on this lively discussion.

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