Ask Holly: Quick and Easy (and Spooky) Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

A Quick and Easy (and Spooky) Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Pumpkins and power tools—they’re not just for breakfast anymore. Seriously though, what could be more awesome than zipping through your pumpkin carving in ten minutes? Throw in some creepy rubber eyeballs and a blinking lights and you have a cool, unique Jack O’ Lantern in no time.

Parents, you know how the Jack-o’-lantern carving business works. First, the kids are all excited about carving their pumpkin, then you tell them they are too young to handle a knife (insert boo-boo faces). So, there you are scooping goop from a pumpkin (because your kid doesn’t like touching the slime) four hours and three cut fingers later until you finish carving the impossible pattern your kids picked out only to hear, “But Mommy that doesn’t look anything like Snow White holding a black cat.” At this point you are ready for a drink and to hurl the Jack-o’-lantern, headless horseman style, into the night.

It’s time to grab your cordless drill or melon baller and kiss those days good-bye. Here is how to make a Quick and Easy (and Spooky) Halloween Jack-o-Lantern:


Quick and Easy (and Spooky) Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Quick and Easy (and Spooky) Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

  • A pumpkin with either a hole at the top or bottom with the seeds and innards cleaned out
  • A cordless drill with a 1″- 1 1/2″ spade bit (it looks like a small paddle with a point) or a melon baller
  • Toothpicks
  • Rubber eyeballs, snakes or mice
  • A candle or an battery powered jack-o-lantern light

Step One: Take your drill with the bit attached and start drilling holes into the pumpkin about 3-4″ apart or start scooping out holes with a melon baller. If the driller holes need cleaning up or if you need to make a hole larger simply scoop out with the baller.

Step Two: Stick toothpicks into your eyeballs and break off half of the pick. Now stick them in the holes trying to push the pick in so it can’t be seen. Add any other creepy items you want, such as spiders or snakes through the holes.

Step Three: LIGHT IT UP! I found using a battery operated Jack-o’-lantern light with a blinking effect looked very creepy-cool.

Quick and Easy (and Spooky) Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Drill bits and cordless drills are available at most hardware stores
Eyeballs and other rubber bits are available at Target, Party City and Halloween specialty stores

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