ShopRite Breaks Ground In Newark

Richard Tucker, Gov. Chris Christie, Mayor Cory Booker and Shoprite's Neil Greenstein
Richard Tucker, Gov. Chris Christie, Mayor Cory Booker and ShopRite’s Neil Greenstein

The transformation of lot at the corner of Springfield Avenue and Jones Street in Newark began today at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new development with a supermarket as its centerpiece. Today, Gov. Chris Christie, Newark Mayor [and Senator-elect] Cory Booker and Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo were among the dignitaries at the ceremony for downtown Newark’s new ShopRite supermarket.

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The new 66,000 square feet store, operated by Brookdale ShopRite’s owner Neil Greenstein, will be located on the corner of Springfield Avenue and Jones Street in the Central Ward. It is the cornerstone of a $92 million project, dubbed Springfield Avenue Marketplace, which will include retail stores, banks, restaurants and 152 apartments overhead.

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Brookdale Shoprite is third-generation family business and Greenstein says expanding into Newark was a “natural progression.”

The Newark Store, expected to open in 15 months, will provide “fresh food access at a reasonable cost to the people of Newark,” says Greenstein, adding that the store alone will provide over 300 union jobs. “We are we are going to be vital part of community, a supermarket with heart.”

Booker, who thanked all the community partners as well as Gov. Christie, said of Greenstein, “You don’t even realize what you are doing for the city. You are capitalist with a heart, a businessman with a passion. You are extraordinary.”

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Christie thanked Richard Tucker, of Chicago’s Tucker Development for “having the confidence to develop and invest in Newark. He also congratulated Booker on his Senate win by teasing him about being a Giants fan, adding “”I’m happy to congratulate Cory on the first win for the Giants this year.”

Christie, who was born in Newark, referenced that the building site was the scene of violence in 1967 and that this project turns a page, as an important symbol of the revitalization of Newark and that the city is a “place worth investing in, fighting for and celebrating.”

According to the Star Ledger, the state of New Jersey awarded Tucker Development $38 million in bond funding and tax breaks last week to get this project going.

“Because Newark has been a food desert for the last 40 years, this is an important step in the revitalization of downtown,” says Brookdale ShopRite general manager, Jerry Manley. “We’re building on a big lot that has been empty for 20 years. Newark residents will finally have the choice to shop at a supermarket with really fresh produce,” he said.

Following ShopRite’s lead, Whole Foods announced recently they will be opening a store in Newark, taking over the former Hahne & Co. department store.


  1. Why do politicians pose for BS photo ops like that one with the shovels? I know politicians are used to shoveling it, but that’s dirt.

  2. This is good. Three hundred new union jobs in Newark is a benefit to families and to organized labor. Existing Pathmarks (one about four blocks away, the other down near Ferry Street) are also unionized and have provided a conduit for employees to advance in the food business.

    Good job, Christie and Booker…

  3. Used to be they held these ceremonies for factories. Now they hold them for groceries stores. Sign o’the times.

  4. There was a White Castle at Bloomfield Avenue and Pompton Avenue many years ago. I guess they didn’t bring in enough to keep it running.

  5. “Used to be they held these ceremonies for factories. Now they hold them for groceries stores. Sign o’the times.”

    Needed to be repeated…

    This picture reminds me of Joe D, Corzine, Fried and others taking claim to Presby Iris Gardens.

  6. Who is wearing the nicest suit? I go with Corey Booker.

    (You can get White Castle in the freezer section of the Pathmark and ShopRight. No one is holding back on Montclair and Newark.)

  7. There actually used to be a white castle in Verona at the intersection of Bloomfield Ave and Rt 23 where Ray’s Pizza is now.

  8. Mazel tov to Neil Greenstein and everyone involved in building this new ShopRite in Newark. I personally know Neil and shop at Brookdale ShopRite. The quality and selection of all the products is excellent and the associates are very friendly and helpful whenever I need assistance. Neil is also very charitable and donates in-kind and reduced prices for our special events at the nonprofit organization where I work. He also hires some of our disabled and rehabilitation clients! Some of them may have bagged your groceries! All the best for success of the Newark store!

  9. I worked at the A&P down there during the Newark riots. Glad to see some enterprises finally coming back almost a half century later.

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