Special Senate Race Tomorrow: Lonegan Vs. Booker, Have You Decided Yet?

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Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan square off Wednesday in a special election for U.S. Senate.

It’s Booker versus Lonegan tomorrow at the polls in a special Wednesday election to fill the U.S. Senate seat that was held by Frank Lautenberg, who died in June.

Democrat Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, holds a 10 point lead (52% to 42%) over Republican Steve Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota in Bergen County, according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday. That’s narrower than previous margins in the poll. Booker held a 16-point edge this summer and a 13-point lead over Lonegan two weeks ago. Not only that, but a full 12 percent of voters say they are either undecided or could change their mind about the candidate they intend to support.

Are you among the undecided? Here’s Lonegan’s issue page, and here’s where Booker stands on important topics.

Turnout continues to be a big question in this unprecedented situation. The poll’s current likely voter model indicates that between 35% and 40% of registered voters will cast a ballot this week.

Make your plan today to vote tomorrow. Go here to find your polling places and hours.



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  1. Though Lonegan will lose, his turnout in South Jersey, North Western, Central(Minus Some Parts of Hunterdon County)is going to shock people!

  2. If kyle41181 is correct, it saddens me to think that there may be so many knuckle-draggers and Neanderthals in some of the most beautiful parts of our wonderful state. Could be something in the water, say, mercury?

  3. In my personal opinion I feel that Lonegan’s campaign has done more good for Booker than bad. Every time a Lonnegan commercial comes on I cringe because its just that terrible (in taste, editing is another story)that even if I had no clue about Booker I would vote just in spite of Lonegan. That said, I hope Booker represents his constituents fairly as the norm these days tend to make us voters look foolish mere months after casting. Sigh.

  4. If you don’t share the same opinions as Bill Courson that makes you a Neanderthal, seems to me you are the unintelligent one spouting ridiculous statements like that.

  5. Neanderthal or not, by this Independent’s eye Mr. Booker got beat up in the debate. BEAT. UP.

    He looked really bad, made me question why I should consider voting for someone as incapable of answering the question: why the Senate? And, “what have you done for Newark?”

    Booker will (probably) win, but if he doesn’t he has himself to blame because he seems to be taking it for granted (and he took it on the chin during the debate).

    (Also, Booker’s fake stories, whether or not he lived in Newark, his cashing-out of businesses, etc. are all unanswered questions. I worry when someone doesn’t work hard to correct the record. Or are these stories true?)

    I don’t support Lonnegan, but I do admire folks who are clear in their beliefs, even when I disagree with them.

  6. SSP is correct. If for no other reason that Palin crawled out from under her rock to campaign here for Lonegan, every apathetic voter should run, not walk to to polls and vote for Booker.

  7. As bad as Booker is, the fact that Palin crawled out of the bowels of 2008 to support Lonegan solidified for me that I will *NOT* be voting Lonegan.

  8. I was going to vote for Lonegan, but after his view of the government shutdown came out, I can no longer do that in good conscience … so that leaves Ed the Barber. And may the Grand Deity of All* have a good laugh, ’cause I’m sure not even smiling.

    (*aka Murphy, the retired scenery maker)

  9. Considering the Palin comments above, what to make of Obama NOT visiting for Mr. Booker? (And please don’t tell me about the “video” endorsement.)

    Because Mr. Booker isn’t even trying. He’s taking everything for granted.

    Listening to him now on WNYC, everything he says is: “be scared of Lonegan!!!” Or throwing out: TEA-PARTY, CRUZ, TEA-PARTY, RIGHT WING!!! in every sentence, which is not a reason to vote for him.

    Booker has offered NOTHING as a reason why I should vote for him (not that I won’t). But worse: Booker sounds scared by not answering questions with specifics rebuts to Lonegan’s charges.

  10. I agree that Booker has run a terrible campaign and at this point seems to be simply hoping that the string doesn’t run out before the polls open, but just as Booker chants TEA-PARTY CRUZ at every opportunity, his opponent has offered nothing but OBAMA RUBBER-STAMP LIBERAL when referring to Booker.

    Being clear in their beliefs can be nice, but if those beliefs are awful, then I don’t “admire” people who hold them.

    I do have to wonder what advisor to Lonegan thought it was a good idea to bring Palin to NJ?

  11. I saw the caparison of Booker to Martha Coakley in Mass special election on MSBC morning joe today….

    *******No kennedy seat could ever go republican right??????

    and Bill Courson, your ignorance and intollerance is glaring and fits the elitist liberal stereotype perfectly!

  12. I do have to wonder what advisor to Lonegan thought it was a good idea to bring Palin to NJ?

    Cro, if you think Lonegan, thinks or acts like a normal establishment (R) your not as keen as i once believed. He brought Palin in because he likes her and her message. like my post above, he has no chance in urban areas, he’s not into social justice through progressive taxation and vote buying wealth distribution. He needs energy from mama grizzly to get out the vote in Western, Central, and South Jerz…. Should he get John Mccain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch Mcconnel, John Boehnor????

  13. Can we do a write-in? Thoughts on Booker serving the rest of this term and then going on to something right after? Do you think he’ll run again or will he get a nod for VP..Not kidding/Naive here..Its certainly possible and that kind of gives me Fahrenheit 451 Vibes where all the constituents seem to only care about how the candidate looks rather than what their beliefs are.

  14. No, I wouldn’t suggest that he get McCain or Boehner, either. But Palin’s approval rating even among conservative Republicans who do not identify as Tea Party is tiny. She is not popular here, with anyone. To stand side by side with her simply doesn’t make sense. The people who like Palin were already going to vote for Lonegan — she didn’t bring any new voters in and that’s what he needs if he wants to beat Booker.

    He’s not some simple purist who disdains advice from operatives. We certainly saw how quickly he dumped his advisor last week for his stupid Booker-stripper-gay comments. He wants to win — he’s not Don Quixote. Palin doesn’t help him win — as a matter of fact, she’s a tar baby that Booker will use against him.

  15. Lonegan’s campaign, and some of his comments, have actually been disturbing. Particularly his remarks about Booker’s sexuality: https://www.politico.com/story/2013/08/steve-lonegan-cory-booker-new-jersey-senate-race-95984.html

    Perhaps people wouldn’t be comparing Lonegan to the Tea Party if their values and politics weren’t the same, and he wasn’t calling Palin and Rick Perry to campaign with him?

    Booker to me has been one of the most positive, inspiring voices in politics that I can remember in recent history. This is my favorite quote of his:

    “Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people; before you tell me how much you love your God, show me in how much you love all His children; before you preach to me of your passion for your faith, teach me about it through your compassion for your neighbors. In the end, I’m not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live and give.”

    I think it’s hard to argue hasn’t tried to do that for Newark and its people.

  16. I suspect Steve Lonegan is something of a bozo. I have yet to hear him remark on either foreign policy (support for the survival of Israel is important to me) or on trade issues.
    But I will also vote for him tomorrow because Booker, too, has apparently nothing to say about this stuff. (And apparently also did very little for Newark during his mayoral tenure, which seems to be SOP in Newark whoever’s the black mayor of record; Booker may indeed have lived well as per that quote but he hasn’t done well.) And because the last thing I want in the US Senate is yet another rubber stamp for Obama to stand alongside that horror known as Harry Reid. Enough said.
    Besides, it’s only for what, 18 months?

  17. “Though Lonegan will lose, his turnout in South Jersey, North Western, Central(Minus Some Parts of Hunterdon County)is going to shock people!”

    —a radical minority of know-nothings is holding the entire country hostage right now. what part of this constituency in NJ is supposed to shock ANYONE at this stage of the game?

  18. jcunningham,

    NJ is considered a blue state, and it would be shocking seeing that hundreds of thousands of people will vote for someone with some particular views that fall out well outside of the mainstream. It will lead to more right leaning conservatives to field local and county level runs in upcoming elections.

    If he can GOTV in Morris & Union County people will take notice serious notice. Republicans tried the establishment route against Bob M… It failed. Lonegan is polling better than Kyrillos ever did. Will get more votes than him too i suspect.

    Booker will fit right in…He will be helping run another government that can’t pay its own bills with the tax revenue it collects and needs to borrow to just pay its operating costs.

  19. Lonegan is a Boggart that doesn’t need help seeming ridiculous. (Yes, we’re reading Harry Potter here.) And I’ve had enough unfortunate personal experience with several of the groups actively supporting him to know that they have no qualms about inventing tales and ad hominem “facts” and repeating them incessantly to cast doubt and create harassment situations. (I mean, really Prof? The Booker never lived in Newark stuff? Did you see where that rumor originated? The Daily Caller? How timely.)

    Lonegan wants to get rid of the EPA, the Dept of Education, the IRS, Pell Grants, Federal Aid/FEMA, regulation of businesses, and languages other than English, bailouts (unless they are for his town while he’s mayor), he is a strident supporter of the current goings-on in Congress, and he’s even said we should do away with the office of the US President. And that’s just the beginning. He shows a complete ignorance of the relationship the US has to the world and the individual has to society.


    I didn’t vote for Booker in the primary, but I’ll happily cast my vote for him tomorrow morning.

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