ESSAY: Superstorm Sandy Anniversary, “Not A Shore Thing”


hurricane sandy eye of stormToday marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly, destructive, and costly “Superstorm Sandy.” Baristanet’s own Lisa Romeo wrote this beautiful essay, “Not a Shore Thing”, which was recently published in bioStories:

I have been to the Jersey Shore about 25 times, and since I am 53 years old, was born in New Jersey, and have lived here for all but five years, that’s not a lot.

I’m not, strictly speaking, a shore girl.

So why, on October 29, 2012, when coastal New Jersey buckled beneath the brutal winds and steep sea surge of Hurricane Sandy, did I weep and turn away from the television screen? continue reading…


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  1. A year later, my childhood shore home still sits in a state of ruin. Flooded and gutted, infinitely screwed by FEMA, we’re left standing in the skeletal remains of the house wondering, do we raise it, fix it, or walk away? The shore isn’t all about funnel cake, and we’re not all back.

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