Help Raise the Montclair Public Library Foundation’s Book-o-Meter

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Have you received an Annual Appeal card from the Montclair Public Library? Anita Peterson, MPLF Administrator, tells Baristanet they were mailed out on November 18 and should be arriving in homes this week. When you get one, show the library some love and donate. Your donation will supplement the library’s budget for materials, programs and technology and provide superior resources and services. It will also raise the fun Book-o-Meter in front of the library. This year’s goal is $200,000.

The Library needs to meet the community’s demands for contemporary and changing library services. Library Director David Hinkley says “Our 2014 goals include “EZPass for books” self-checkout and self-return options at both Library locations as well as the installation of solar panels at the Main Library. These innovations will respectively free staff to devote more time to patrons and reduce operating costs using clean energy technology.”

Hinkley noted that “despite welcome restorations to our municipal appropriation this year and last, we strive to provide the weekend hours, materials and programs the community of Montclair expects with $800,000 less than we did four years ago.”

“We want everyone to feel a sense of pride in the Library and all it has to offer” said Wilford Adkins, President of the Montclair Public Library Board of Trustees. “Data from our strategic plan indicate that Montclair views our library as one of the remaining social and cultural centers of the community.”

montclair public library“We will be tracking our growth toward our $200,000 goal using the Book-O-Meter signs on display in front of both Library locations. The community should have received an Appeal card in the mail or via email this week. Please do what you can to help ‘build the stack’”, said Randy Strickland, Chair of the Montclair Public Library Foundation. “Our goal is to achieve the vision of being the center of the Montclair community.”

“As the Montclair Public Library looks forward to celebrating the 2014 Centennial of the Bellevue Avenue Library, we are reminded that 100 years ago Montclair could rely on the generosity of the Carnegie Corporation to fund construction of this landmark building. Today, the Montclair Public Library relies on the generosity of its citizens so that it can continue to serve as the center of the Montclair community,” said Ray Aumack, President of the Friends of the Bellevue Avenue Library.

Donations to the Library may be made by check to the Montclair Public Library Foundation, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, or online at the Foundation website,


  1. POSTED BY june159  |  November 21, 2013 @ 8:35 pm

    Just made my donation. I will forever be grateful for MPL for providing us a warm place to go after Hurricane Sandy hit us.

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