Let Them Eat (Thanksgiving) Pies

Little Daisy Bake Shop
Little Daisy Bake Shop

Whether you want to bring a pie to Thanksgiving dinner, or if you are hosting and want to lighten your own load, there is an abundance of delicious Thanksgiving pie options.

Little Daisy Bake Shop in Upper Montclair is offering apple, pumpkin and (new!) mince pie this year. If you’ve never tried mince, this delicious version (which debuted in mini form at the Grape Expectations event) features apples, dried fruits — currants, cherries — spices and brandy. Also available — pumpkin pie bars starting later this week, for a taste of Thanksgiving without having to get an entire pie. Pies are $20-$25; order fast as owner Jen Snyder expects to be booked by this weekend.

Montclair Bread Company is offering pumpkin, apple crumb and pecan pies ($30-$35), (gluten-free crust is available for $5 extra). All orders must be in by November 25. Pies are baked in reusable, table-ready glass plates.

Gina's Bakery
Gina’s Bakery

Gina’s Bakery on Walnut can take your pie orders through Sunday, November 24. Choose from apple, blueberry, cherry, mixed berry, pecan and pumpkin pies ($19.59-$24.50; order by Sunday, November 24).

Cupcakes by Carousel offers homestyle Thanksgiving pies — pumpkin, pumpkin cheese, apple, coconut, pecan, custard and blueberry crumb. Order pies from the Carousel Cakes website and pick up at the Montclair Cupcake store, or have pies shipped. Pies (10 inch) start at $12.

Cupcakes by Carousel
Cupcakes by Carousel
Le Baker's Dozen
Le Baker’s Dozen

Le Baker’s Dozen is featuring pumpkin, apple, apple crumb, pumpkin pecan, regular pecan and chocolate pecan pies ($20-$30).

You could break with tradition and opt for the fabulous key lime pie at Watchung Plaza’s The Pie Store. Or if you prefer, choose from double crust apple, raspberry or blackberry & apple pie. Pies from $22.95-$24.95.

Key lime pie from The Pie Store, Watchung Plaza
Key lime pie from The Pie Store, Watchung Plaza

Gencarelli’s Bakery in Bloomfield is offering an array of fruit pies for Thanksgiving including apple caramel. A 10-inch pie starts at $10.

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