I Love to Dream Benefits Camp Sunshine

I Love to Dream

Does your child get scared of imagined creatures lurking about as bedtime nears? New Jersey’s own Kenneth Pollin wrote I Love to Dream to spark positive and creative images for children to build on in their dreams. Each page details a different dream of building marshmallow roads, dancing on the moon, sailing on the seas and other wonderful childhood fantasies.

i love to dreamOriginally intended as a bedtime story, Pollin wanted to calm traditional childhood fears of monsters under beds or The Bogeyman waiting in a closet. Instead, the rhyming couplets calm children with positivity and joy. Artist Russell Dauterman’s colorful and thrilling images complement each separate dream perfectly – with joy and humor. The images also emphasize an inclusiveness in personality and ethnic background that will help children connect to the book.

Appropriately, sales from Pollin’s I Love to Dream benefit Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. The book, a perfect story for children from infancy through Kindergarten, is a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this book! It looks wonderful, and I will definitely be buying a copy. Moreover, we are a family who has attended Camp Sunshine over the last several summers, and I cannot articulate what a wonderful respite it is for the families who go there. It’s a wonderful-looking book that supports a truly incredible, life-changing place for families with children who have literally traveled through nightmares.

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