Barista Kids Poll: Are You Letting the Kids Stay Up Until Midnight on New Year's Eve?

New Year's EveMy oldest daughter turns 10 on New Year’s Day. Since double digits are a big deal, she is begging to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, she has always been the type of kid who is a wild-eyed crazy person when she doesn’t get enough sleep. She also has a birthday party the next day at 1 pm, and I doubt her friends want to be around a sleep-deprived tween.

So we compromised and said that she, and her little sister,  had to go to bed at the regular time, but that we would wake them up before midnight so they could watch the ball drop with us. She agreed.

What’s the rule in your home for your tweens and under? Take our poll:

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  1. Better question is, will my wife and I make it to midnight? When my teens were younger, they’d have to take a nap during the day if they wanted to make it to the ball drop – and they always did. Now, I need to take that nap. As my daughter said, “Midnight is a bigger deal for you dad.” How right she is. Happy New Year everybody.

  2. montclairdad,

    So true. It’s so hard for me and my husband to make it up until 12 if we’re home. Haven’t done it in years.

  3. You daughter is 10 already, Georgette? How did that happen? When my kids were 10 they were already staying up til midnight. Now they’re smoking cigarettes and drinking scotch.

    I feel your pain, montclairdad. In the immortal words of John Belushi, I advise you to start drinking heavily.

  4. She’s 10 on New Year’s Day and I don’t know how this happened. I swear I was a just-turned-30-bright-eyed new mom just yesterday. Now I’m 40 and she’s about to turn 10 and I’m not liking ti one bit.

  5. One minute they’re in diapers and the next you’re teaching them to drive.
    Now it’s the midnight show of Rocky Horror at the Bellevue.
    GG…..They’ll be time warping soon.

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