Downton Abbey Fans: How To Get Season Four Now To Binge Watch Over The Holidays

downton abbey dvdLooking for something special to binge watch over the winter holidays? I have the answer: brand-spanking-new episodes of my favorite British export, Downton Abbey. (I can already hear the music in my head…Dun, dun, dun-da-dun. Dun, dun, dun-da-dun. Ooo-oo-oo-ooo…)

That’s right, fans of the acclaimed BBC period drama–which has already aired in the U.K., but doesn’t appear on PBS in the U.S. until January 5th–can order season four now on Amazon UK.

Here’s a trailer from the new season. It looks like the latest episodes won’t disappoint, with plenty of dancing, kissing, crying…and even an interracial romance.

Let the binge watching begin!

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  1. I hope there’s a region free DVD player under the tree, otherwise Good Luck playing a UK DVD on a US DVD player

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