Glen Ridge Police Blotter: Another Car Left Running And Vacant Is Stolen

Yet another car left running and vacant has been stolen in Baristaville. On December 17th, at 7:43 am, Officer Joseph Uliano was dispatched to the 500 block of Ridgewood Ave. to take a report of a stolen vehicle. The victim was warming up their vehicle and unknown suspect drove off while the victim was in their house. Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Det. Daniel Manley @ 973-748-5400 X119.

The rest of the Glen Ridge Police blotter for December 13, 2013, to December 20, 2013, from Lieutenant Fred Egnezzo:

Date/Time: 12/14/2013 @ 2:02 AM
Incident: DWI Arrest
Description: Officer Anthony Rivera arrested Joshua Brown, 22 of North Caldwell, N.J. for driving while intoxicated on Ridgewood Ave. near Glen ridge Pkwy. He was transported to headquarters for processing and later released.

Date/Time: 12/14/2013 @ 9:18 PM
Incident: Theft/Warrant Arrest
Description: Officer Gabriel Suarez was dispatched to Stonehouse Road on a report of a theft. The victim reported that a shovel was taken from the front of their property. A man was in the area looking to shovel snow earlier and the victim gave that description to police. Sgt. Anthony Mazza located a man fitting the description and also in possession of the shovel. James McClave, 27 of Bloomfield, N.J. was arrested for two outstanding traffic warrants. The shovel was returned to its owner and they did not want to pursue the matter. Mr. McClave was transported to headquarters for processing and later released on bail.

Date/Time: 12/16/2013 @ 12:46 PM
Incident: Theft
Description: Officer Giuseppe Oliva was dispatched to Cambridge Rd. on a report of a theft. The victim reported that sometime during the day unknown suspect(s) removed two packages from the front of the house. The items stolen were valued at $140.00.

Date/Time: 12/18/2013 @ 8:55 PM
Incident: Warrant Arrest
Description: Officer Gabriel Suarez arrested Andrea Deiuliis, 30 of Fairfield, N.J. for an outstanding criminal warrant issued from Morris Plains. She was transported to headquarters for processing and released on bail.

During this week the Glen Ridge Police Department investigated (7) motor vehicle accidents which resulted in no injuries.

All parties mentioned in this press release are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. I’ve lost my patience with people who leave cars unattended while “warming up” and who leave valuables in a house during an Open House. This is not Bum**** South Dakota people.

  2. You can educate and warn people but you cannot give them common sense. Each one of them thinks they are special and that it won’t happen to them.

    And so it goes- we’re thought of as easy marks- just cruise around and you’ll find a car running- just for you – merry Christmas.

  3. just yesterday i saw a black honda convertible left running in watchung plaza. i couldn’t believe it!

  4. Maybe people are just naive and don’t realize there exists a massive amount of people in this area who in lieu of actually working and buying items for themselves would rather take from others.

    As technology improves however we’ll be able to prevent or at least capture the offenders. Check out some of the after market security systems already available.

  5. I hope their insurance companies laugh and deny any claim filed. I don’t need their stupid raising up my premiums.

  6. Maybe people would be a little considerate of other people’s stuff if they knew the penalty for such behavior was a lot more severe. Not Sharia severe like cutting off the hand, but at least hard labor. If they repeat offend, just dispatch them and be done with it, as they are in no way a productive member of society, but an archetypal “taker”. With sexual crimes and especially pedophiles, “One-and-done”. There is absolutely no need to spend a nickel on supporting their existence.

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