Let it Snow?

SnowLast Friday my son’s elementary school had their annual holiday show.  The gym was decorated with lots of holiday and winter themed artwork.  The children sang and danced to a wide variety of winter themed songs.  The music teacher also had several children from each grade read poems they have written about the wonders of winter.

In the poems most of the children discussed the beauty, awe and pure delight of snow.

A mom sitting next to me was so moved by the poetry and musical lyrics that she decided to write a few “ode to snow” verses of her own and email it to her husband.  She wrote it in less than five minutes and it was pretty clever. I can’t remember the whole poem but my favorite lines were:

Snow makes a mess
It causes me stress

A line in the snow was drawn, and it was clear this mom sitting on my left was on my side.

Around this time of year there are two types of parents – snow warriors and snow weenies.

The warriors still hold on to many of the feelings snow had in childhood.  Snow brought joy and hope, fun and laughter and a sense of adventure.  The warriors see the forecast and there first response is to “poo poo” the whole thing.  My husband, a snow warrior, always thinks the Al Roker is overreacting.

When the snow actually starts falling, the warriors put on their boots, grab their keys and shout, ““No problem – I can drive in that.”  They have no fear because they have four wheel drive SUV snow conquering machines.  Especially popular in this category are people that grew up in the Midwest or upstate where they lived (and drove) through bigger, scarier storms than the meager foot that is being dumped now.  They hear the 5 am call that school is cancelled “WHY? It’s hardly snowing!

As a snow weenie, I am happy to make the cocoa and to help the kids peel off their wet layers of clothing – but that’s it for me when it comes to snow fun. For me, snow equals fear and chaos.  Yes, I do have an SUV but it is so that I won’t get shunned in carpools not to battle the elements. I will cancel any appointment I have the minute weather.com says “possible chance of flurries.”  If it does have to snow, I am hoping for a blizzard.   At 5 am I am staring at the phone, willing it to ring with my eyes and whispering, “please cancel, please cancel” so I am free not to have to leave my house.

Some may say, “Let it snow, let it snow” but I for one say “No, No, No!”

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