Easy New Year's Eve Countdown Cupcake Cake

New Year's Eve Countdown Cupcake Cake

If like me, you’ll be spending your New Year’s Eve with a younger crowd, I have just the cupcake cake for your celebration. This New Year’s Eve Countdown Cupcake Cake is easy to make, and kids will love changing the time until the clock strikes midnight!

Here’s how to make this fun and easy New Year’s Eve cake to count down the new year:

1. Bake 12 cupcakes, from scratch or from a mix the choice is yours. Pictured here are mini cupcakes, which are easier for fitting into the circular clock shape, but a larger full-size cupcake would work as well.

2. Frost, then ice the cupcakes. Once the frosting is set write the numbers 1 to 12 (or use Roman numerals) for the clock times with icing. I used Wilton’s Gel Icing, available at the grocery store.

3. Arrange the cupcakes on a large round plate. I placed a small inverted plastic plate in the center to help the cupcakes stay in place and in a circle.

4. Last, add the hands of the clock. We cut a Twizzler stick to make a long and a short hand, but there are endless options from cutting pieces of cardboard into arrow shapes to using pretzel rods.

I also think this clock would work well for a class party using sugar cookies for the numbers and having each kid get to decorate their own one with food markers.

Happy New Year!

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