Name That Holly-Day Cocktail

hollydaysopenDuring the holidays I have very few culinary hang-ups. I stay the hells-jingle-bells away from anything that contains suet.  Boiled perogies stuffed with prunes Korus-style, should be outlawed, and it goes without saying that I would rather eat two bars of Life Boy soap before eating a teaspoon of lutafisk. Other than that, everything else falls under the old catch phrase, “Why not, it’s the holidays?”  Aquavit shooters?   Why not? Skol. Figgy pudding with wassail chasers? Come all ye faithful!

With that said — and this is just a guess, but — it may be why I feel a bit like last year’s tinsel left on the sidewalk until after the new year. Again, just a guess.

hollyday2So before you get all hootered up on nasty eggnog put that lampshade down, get your backside off the copy machine  and consider getting lit up like a Christmas tree with a cleansing almost medicinal cocktail.  If you love grapefruit drizzled with honey, this cocktail will blow down your door. The rich taste of the honey mellows both the sour flavor of the grapefruit and the vodka. Don’t over do it on the herbs if adding them at all; I prefer just a tiny hint of cinnamon. You want just a hint of flavor as not to lose the grapefruit and honey deliciousness. Light, pallet cleansing and it gets you where you need to be.

Here is how you shake it up:

  • One tablespoon of honey
  • One freshly squeezed red grapefruit  yields about 3/4 cup or store bought unsweetened red grapefruit juice
  • One shot  (1.5oz) Vodka
  • Ice
  • A spring of fresh sage, rosemary or a cinnamon stick

hollyday3Combine  the honey, juice, vodka and cinnamon, sage or rosemary in a shaker. Shake the mix up at room temperature to combine the honey and herbs. When well combined, add ice to the shaker and give it a go one more time. Pour in to a martini style glass and have a merry one.

Looking for a naughty and or a nice cocktail? Try a Little Black Chambourd  or a Kumkuat Come All cocktails from Christmas past, future and present? Go for a Tiny Timlette, a Ginger Jingle or a Scrooge Driver.

Once again, it’s time to throw out your best holiday cocktail names. And for anyone that tries to be cute with “Holly-lu-ya-korus”, too late that one saw its day when I was in 4th grade. Try again.

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  1. Joyous! Just saw a similar recipe for woodka, pink grapefruit juice, a little honey and 1/2 teaspoon of Tabasco. That one will get you coming and going…

  2. I think Scrooge ordered this cocktail when he sat down with Crachit in the pub. At the time they called it pimple mousse grog. Bob was impressed.

  3. I’ve tried it (thanks, Holly!) and it’s a tasty mix of tart and sweet. So how about: The Drunken Honey Pucker-Upper.

  4. Nice Nellie.

    I also made this using buckwheat honey, skipping the herbs (where is Herb btw?) and it was fa-boo.

    Barkeep sound nicer than bartender, one keeps the bar and the other just tends it.

  5. A mulled wine….allowed to breath for a month while sitting on a high shelf you pass by a few times a day……but i think Conan has all the bases covered. (and hopefully without the fireball PAZ)

  6. The goose. I have no idea why a goose costs about $90, but hey, it’s the holidays. I’m just happy to see Holly’s cocktails are back.

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