New York Times Gives Thumbs Up To Fricassee French Bistro In Montclair

fricassee roosterCongratulations to Mark Papera, the chef and owner of Fricassée French Bistro in Montclair, for the positive review of his restaurant in yesterday’s New York Times.

NYT Reviewer Scott Veale describes Fricassée, a Baristanet favorite, as, “a pleasant, gently lit dining room brimming with unfussy bistro touches, from the black and white tiled floor, to the burgundy banquettes under large mahogany mirrors, to the paper-covered tables and Parisian posters and paintings on the walls.”

Fricasseè's chef and owner Mark Papera.
Fricasseè’s talented chef and owner Mark Papera.

Veale particularly enjoyed the “delicious fricassee of escargots,” the pommes frites, which he aptly described as “salty and meaty,” and the cassoulet, which he wrote, “showcases Mr. Papera’s best instincts…It’s a worthy homage.”

Veale didn’t even get to reviewing my family’s favorite dishes: saffron mussels, roasted beet salad, creamy macaroni and cheese, and chicken liver mousse.

On one point, however, Veale and I will have to agree to disagree. I find the tart Tatin, which he described as “slightly goopy”…simply divine.


 Fricasseè French BistroFricassée French Bistro
6 Park St, Montclair, NJ
Phone: 973-744-2191

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  1. I did a photo shoot there two weeks ago for Suburban Essex Magazine, and happily got to taste several of the dishes. Without question, it’s one of my favorite places in Essex county. And for what it’s worth, Mark is a really nice guy. I’m glad to see he’s gotten a great review. Now I’m worried about that Yogi Berra quote being appropriate: “No one goes there. It’s too crowded.” That said, I see on their website they’re open for lunch on Fridays and I can’t wait to try that out.

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