Biggest Stories of 2013

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The Montclair Master Plan, food news, bears, shootings, MPD drama, the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Jersey, and more. Here’s a look back at the biggest stories of 2013:

nishuane wellJanuary Montclair Township Council’s proposed well at Nishuane Park’s Carey’s Woods was all the talk. Montclair Environmental Commission supports it, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Advisory Board has concerns, 4th ward residents protest it, and it had the Council arguing.

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Lost Dog in Montclair (Found)

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Lost Dog in MontclairUpdate: Maggie was found!

A reader writes in:

My dog Maggie got out from the yard and I’ve been looking for her for an hour. She must have gotten out around noon. She’s a black lab mix with a white patch of fur on her chest named Maggie and about 50 lbs. She is super friendly. No collar on unfortunately.We live on Cambridge Rd. off Grove where she was last seen. My cell: 310-614-7967.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to….

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New Year's Resolution

Barista Kids Poll: Are You Letting the Kids Stay Up Until Midnight on New Year's Eve?

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New Year's EveMy oldest daughter turns 10 on New Year’s Day. Since double digits are a big deal, she is begging to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, she has always been the type of kid who is a wild-eyed crazy person when she doesn’t get enough sleep. She also has a birthday party the next day at 1 pm, and I doubt her friends want to be around a sleep-deprived tween.

So we compromised and said that she, and her little sister,  had to go to bed at the regular time, but that we would wake them up before midnight so they could watch the ball drop with us. She agreed.

What’s the rule in your home for your tweens and under? Take our poll:

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Ready, Set, Parent: A Realistic, Friendly Parenting Guide

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Ready, Set, Parent“Sometimes just knowing that parenting isn’t always easy or perfect helps.”

That line, taken from the conclusion of Ready, Set, Parent, a helpful guide written by parenting Ph.D.s Dr. Elizabeth M. Vantre and Dr. Samantha L. Dawson, underscores the healthy attitude this parenting book shares. With a caring but firm tone, this book helps parents find their own style and stick to it with realistic and recognizable examples throughout.

The parenting advice found in Ready, Set, Parent isn’t particularly new, but it’s refreshing in that it acknowledges differences in children’s temperaments, family priorities, and the inevitable disappointments – as well as joys – along the parenting path. There is a bit of snark, perhaps influenced by on-line furor, but overall the tone is one of an understanding, slightly more together friend.

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Best Bubbly to Ring in the New Year and Two Champagne Cocktails

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It just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without a glass of bubbly. If you’re having a party at home, attending a party and need to bring a bottle, or just sitting on your couch watching the ball drop, the folks at Amanti Vino have given us their picks of the best bubbly to ring in the new year: Continue Reading

Barista Kids New Year’s Round-Up 2013

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New Year’s Round-Up

2014 arrives at midnight tomorrow, so here’s a round-up of our favorite New Year’s posts, including things to do, resolutions and fun crafts!

Two Bloomfield Police Officers May Lose Jobs Over Military Leave

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Michael McCracken and Hector CartagenaTwo Bloomfield police officers have been suspended without pay for allegedly misusing military leave time. They say it’s due to serving their country.

Officers Michael McCracken and Hector Cartagena, Air Force Reserves and Iraq veterans, may be fired from the Bloomfield force on administrative charges for allegedly misusing military leave time. The officers’ attorney attorney, Catherine Elston, says  both are upstanding officers who followed all procedures when they reported for military duty, but Bloomfield PD is questioning  the days taken for military leave (15 for McCracken and 29 for Cartagena) back in 2007 and 2008.

ABC local covered the story here

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Our Favorite Parenting Tweets This Week

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parenting tweetOur favorite parenting tweets from this past week, many from local moms and dads:





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Transformer Fire in Glen Ridge Causes Power Outage

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Power Outage

We’re receiving reports that a power outage in Glen Ridge was caused by a transformer fire.

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I'm struck by how much attention is being paid to the details of a parking lot, as opposed to the attention paid to the future impact of the monstrous projects being planned.

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