Bloomfield’s Taqueria Autentica Gets Big Love From Munchmobile

taqueriaPete Genovese picks his best Jersey restaurants of 2013, and landing at No. 2 is Bloomfield’s own Taqueria Autentica (also famous as the popular food truck at Montclair’s Farmers Market), for its amazing tacos.

Genovese raves:

Taqueria Autentica is the coolest taco joint in the state, with comfy orange couches, blue walls and local artwork. The mushroom tacos and steak tacos are terrific, and the chorizo taco is not far behind.

On Saturday nights, owner Mike Natiello and crew cook such specialties as chuleta (pork rib eye) and tacos de oreja (pig’s ear tacos). And his desserts, especially the chocolate cake and the goat’s milk crepe, are delicious.

We’re big fans, too.

Photo: Bernadette Baum

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  1. My favorite hands down are the carnitas tacos. The slow cooked pork and caramelized orange peel are outrageously good.

  2. Bloomfield actually had 3 shout-outs. Besides Taqueria Autentica, he also liked Taste It Again Jamaican cuisine on Glenwood Avenue, about 3 stores down from Senorita’s, next to the Glenwood Diner and Anthony’s Cheesecakes on Washington Street. Way to go Bloomfield!!

  3. I agree with the last comment – it’s pretty sweet for Bloomfield. And people trust P. Genovese.

  4. I always get the three veggie tacos — my favorite is the hongos, but the napolitos are pretty amazing too. Glad to see Taqueria Autentica getting love!

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