Fundraiser Set to Trap and Neuter Stray Cats in East Orange

A reader writes:

Working in East Orange, our work parking lot at 60 Evergreen Place is inundated with kitties. We estimate that there are around 60 feral cats, which in one location is immense. It’s anticipated that there will be more than 100 in a few weeks’ time.

We are working with a person from PAWS in Montclair, who used to work at this location years ago. She implemented TNR (trap, neuter, release) and adoption program here, and there were no more cats when she left.

We really want to continue her work and have these cats “fixed” before kitten spring fever hits. We have dedicated volunteers to do the work; however, it costs $55 for each cat to be fixed and vetted.

With the NJ winter upon us, most feral cats will die from starvation, hypothermia, or illness. Yet, in that time, they can produce multiple litters. We are looking for help to save these cats and to stop the birth of even more unwanted animals. Even if it is just $1, every little bit helps.

Link to Fundraiser

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  1. These women do heroic work trapping, neutering and caring for homeless cats. It’s a win-win. Please do what you can to support their efforts. People always want “someone” to do “something”. Well, you are someone and can help do something!

  2. Please share and donate- this is an enormous number of cats and they all need to caught and neutered in order to keep the population from exploding.

  3. lol…Sorry Martta! I didn’t notice it. I thought it was odd to have the link missing. Should have known better! 🙂

  4. There’s a new fundraiser because the first one posted wasn’t enough to take care of all the cats – thanks to everyone who is donating. The TNR people are especially patient and come back to this location again and again trying to get each and every cat and find those that can be homed a forever home.

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