Montclair Crime: Couple Charged With Burglary In Upper Montclair, Another Couple Wanted For Home Invasion

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burglary arrestA couple were arrested and charged with burglary after police, who were canvassing the area of Bellevue/Valley Road for suspects or witnesses, following a report of a confirmed burglary at 603 Valley Road.

January 17: Officers observed a taxi cab waiting in front of 191 Bellevue Avenue. The male and white female exited the alley way alongside 191 and began walking toward the cab. Both parties stopped when they saw the offices. They seemed hesitant to enter the cab but eventually did. Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop of the taxi cab. The passengers were approached and appeared nervous and avoided eye contact with officers. Officers immediately recognized that the male passenger matched a description of the actor involved in recent burglaries to the area businesses. The picture provided to law enforcement had the actor wearing a Yankee hat which the suspect was wearing.

The male initially provided false information (name) to officers. He claimed he believed he had an outstanding warrant and did not want to be arrested. He was taken into custody for providing false information to officers (hindering apprehension). As he was being escorted to the police vehicle the female passenger began to cry and stated she did not want him to do anything tonight and begged him to stay home. “I wanted nothing to do with it”.

As she searched for identification, police observed a large amount of cash ($341) in her purse which she stated he had told her to hold after returning to her. Anthony Wiedemann, 41, of Montclair and Marissa Winn, 35, of Bloomfield were both arrested and charged with Burglary. Detective’s investigation led to the execution of a search warrant on the suspect’s home. Multiple charges are pending on based on evidence seized at the home for burglaries at 632 Valley Road, 134 Heller Way and 8 Wellesley Road. Bail was set at 25000/10% for Winn and 25000 no 10% option for Wiedemann.

Strong Arm Robbery/Home Invasion:

January 17: At 1613 hours, officers responded to a Pine Street address on a Strong Armed Robbery/Home invasion. The victims stated a black male and black female entered the apartment through an unlocked front door and began demanding money. The male stated “I’m going to start dropping people” and motioned his hands towards his right side of his waist implying he had a gun. Weapon was never shown. The female charged the resident and began striking her near the head. Victim stated she was able to block most of the blows and showed no physical signs of injury and refused medical attention. The male actor instructed the female to take everything they had. Stolen from the apartment were the following;

-1 New York, guitar, black in color, valued at $600.00
-1 Coach, purse, brown in color, letter C printed on it, valued at $200.00
-1 Cuisinart, coffee maker, silver in color, valued at $200.00
-1 LG, cell phone, silver in color, valued at $200.00

The male was described to be a dark skinned black male in his mid 30’s, approximately 5 ft. 9 in, medium build, black dread locks past the shoulders, with a goatee style beard. He was wearing a grey sweatshirt, light blue denim jeans, and tan work boots.

The female was described as a dark skinned black female, believed to be in her mid 30’s, approximately 5 ft. 2 in, with dark shoulder length hair in curls, heavy build. The female was wearing a black puffy coat over a black and white shirt, and black pants.

The suspects immediately fled the residence in an older model silver/gray four door vehicle, possibly a Mitsubishi. There were four others present during the robbery/invasion. One of them also had his cell phone stolen by the actors. Anyone with information contact Det. McCarthy at 973 509 4725.

On 01/14/2014 at 1756 hours, officers responded to the CVS on Claremont Avenue on a shoplifting report. The manager informed officers that at approximately 1550 hours, a black male 35 to 45 yrs old, light beard wearing a dark-colored puffy jacket with a dark green lining, blue Addidas running pants with three white vertical stripes and brown shoes entered and was observed placing 30 to 40 packs of gum ($100 value) into his coat pockets. A store clerk observed him and ordered him to put the gum back. He quickly exited the store and was last seen south on Pine Street. Officers were unable to locate the actor as some time had passed before the police were notified.

On 01/18/2014 at 2157 hours, officers responded to the South End Pizzeria on Orange Road on a stolen cell phone. The victim informed officers that he was approached by a black male 6’2”, thin build, no facial hair, wearing a black hoody and black Adidas pants with 3 stripes going down the sides at the entrance Canterbury Park. Actor asked to use the victim’s cell phone (iPhone). Victim allowed him to use it and was given back the phone. The actor requested use a second time. This time he ran south through the park and then east on Pleasant Way where victim lost sight of him. Anyone with information contact Det. Singleton at 973 509 4722.

On 01/19/2014 at 1933 hours, officers responded to the area of Lackawanna Plaza on a strong armed robbery. Officers were informed by the victim that he exited Lackawanna mall and was near the area of the Pig and Prince Restaurant when a male wearing a gray jacket with a red stripe and some type of scarf covering his face walked by and punched him in his head while he was on his cell phone. Suspect then grabbed the cell phone, an Apple iPhone 4s with a distinctive “Joan of Arc” case around it and ran through the parking lot towards Elm St. During the robbery, the phone scraped victim’s left arm leaving a minor laceration. Victim declined medical assistance. A search of the area for the suspect proved negative. Anyone with information contact Det. J. Anderson at 973 509 4706.


On 01/17/2014 at 0029 hours, officers canvassing in the area of Bellevue and Valley due to a burglary at 603 Valley located an unlocked door at the Lukoil gas station. Nothing appeared out of order however a piece of cardboard had been wedged into the door where the lock was. The door is normally secure. The owner was notified.

On 01/17/2014 at 0800 hours, officers responded to Montclair Shoe repair on Bellevue Avenue on a burglary report. Officers were informed by the store owner that he secured the shop at 1900 hours on 1/16. When he arrived at 0730 hours this morning he found the front door to the business had been pried open. The cash register on the front counter was broken and $40.00 in change missing. Nothing else was taken.

On 01/17/2014 at 1429 hours, responded to a group home located on North Mountain Avenue. Caller informed officers that missing from her room was a black vinyl folder containing personal documents. No suspects at this time.

On 01/17/2014 at 1552 hours, officers responded a Stonehenge Road address on an attempted burglary. Officers were informed by the homeowner that between 1500 hours and 1550 hours someone attempted to force entry to the home through the rear door. Officers observed damage to the frame and lock. Entry was not gained. Anyone with information contact Det. J. Anderson at 973 509 4706.


  1. POSTED BY johnqp  |  January 21, 2014 @ 7:45 pm

    In other words, Theft Cab for Cutie ?

  2. POSTED BY stayhyphy  |  January 21, 2014 @ 9:23 pm

    Who is still breaking into businesses and also committing strong arm robbery at 35+ years old? GROW UP!

  3. POSTED BY complainerpuss  |  January 22, 2014 @ 7:59 pm

    I kid you not. Marissa Winn’s most recent Facebook status update: “Doors don’t open themselves. Sometimrs they need a little nudge…”

  4. POSTED BY johnqp  |  January 22, 2014 @ 9:52 pm

    Pretty sure she’s soon going to become very familiar with the sounds of metal doors slamming shut.

  5. POSTED BY spicoli  |  January 23, 2014 @ 8:20 am

    Anthony Wiedemann was arrested in Essex County in 2012 for burglary. It seems that he wasn’t fully rehabilitated.

  6. POSTED BY Mrs Martta  |  January 23, 2014 @ 10:44 am

    Stealing someone’s coffee maker? How low can you go!

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