Having Problems Emailing Montclair Schools and Township Council? You're Not Alone

emailIf you’ve had problems emailing the Montclair School district and Board members the past few days, you were not alone. The district just sent the following message of the problem and correction:

Dear Montclair Public Schools’ Families and Staff:

The district took actions earlier today, including rebooting the server, to remedy problems encountered with email over the past few days. You may have experienced delivery delays or failures for outgoing and incoming emails during this time. These problems appear to be corrected and Outlook users may need to close and reopen the program.

If you continue to experience problems with emails to or from Montclair Public Schools’ email addresses, please contact Charles Draidfort at 973-509-4064. We recognize the importance of fast and dependable email communication to our families and staff and apologize for the service problems.


Brian Fleischer
Chief Operating Officer

Since the Township shares a server with the district, they have had problems as well. Councilor Baskerville reached out to Barista Kids this morning with regard to the issue concerned about the “awful implications for running the schools and township.” She wasn’t sure who was responsible. (It appears Alan Benezra, the district network administrator is out, however no one will confirm). She later informed us that the Township Manager Dashield said the township’s IT person was working on their problem.

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