Drum Roll…Mundo Vegan Opens Tonight In Montclair

mundo vegan logoMundo Vegan, located on Church Street in Montclair, has announced that it will begin serving customers tonight at 6pm.

Co-owners Fanny Fuentes-Phalon and Tracey Phalon, who were unavailable for comment, state on their Facebook page that “Mundo Vegan is a setting where your senses, appetite and desire for a delicious, healthy meal can harmoniously coexist.”

mundo vegan tofu
Tofu scramble from Mundo Vegan.

We’ll be back with a full review soon.

Meanwhile, two other newcomers are getting rave reviews on Yelp and from local foodies. “Winechick” says of Scala Del Nonna, also on Church Street: “The pastas are all fabulous. My favorite is the mushroom ravioli, which says a lot about the dish because I don’t like mushrooms.”

At Sapori in Upper Montclair, the short rib cannelloni is a hit, as is the raw bar platter with tantalizing cocktail sauce.

Tortillas from Mundo Vegan.
Tortillas from Mundo Vegan.

Have you visited any of these new restaurants? If so, please share your opinions with us in comments.

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  1. Mundo Vegan is a winner!

    I’ve known Fanny for some time through our master gardener work, and I was very excited when I learned of her plans for a vegan restaurant. Fanny is a delightful, passionate person, and she and Tracey are perfect!

    Over the past six months I’ve had a chance to try her cooking and it is TERRIFIC! It’s vegan and its great food!

    Two weeks ago my son and I stopped by the still under construction store and took away some of her chili and it was the best chili we both ever had. Ditto for everything else she makes!

    The food is very flavorful and hearty, and the only problem is deciding which of the extensive menu items to try. There’s no heavy oils, and no “artificial” this or “fake” that.

    Fanny has been cooking all her life and has recipes that go back in her family history.

    Of course one of the most important aspects of the restaurant is reliance on whole foods, including organic, gluten free, and very fresh and wholesome.

    There’s nothing in Montclair quite like this …. They’re open tonight, as well as Saturday and Sunday nite. You can see more info on their Facebook page!


  2. Was at Scala del Nonna last night. Very nice redo of the space, pretty. Service just okay – slow and inexperienced. Food was good but nothing to knock your socks off. Same offerings as at other establishments around town. I’ll give awhile to find its niche then I’ll go back.

  3. excited to try Mundo Vegan. Been to Scala Del Nonna 4 times already and think it’s by far the best Italian in town. Had the Lasagnette, the lamb chop special and the orecchiette and loved all three. Sapori was good too, the owner Mario is passionate and gracious, and I think with some time it’ll be even better. La Bocca was disappointing (old Sofra on Valley).

  4. Since the opening was announced about 4 hours before the doors opened, I can only imagine that the owners were unavailable to comment because they were getting their restaurant open. Just a guess. Hope to see a full fledged review of all of these places soon, Bnet! The food is terrific!

  5. macky,

    Yes. I was in last night and they mentioned that they were eager to chat with B’net, and I spoke to B’net several weeks ago and they said they were eager to chat with Mundo Vegan! So I would imagine a review will happen soon!

    In the meantime, I had a soup there called “Southern Comfort” (as in “comfort food”) that was soooooo good! It was more like a stew with so many vegetables!


  6. My husband and I tried Mundo Vegan on their second night open. It was delicious. We had a soup app and shared the dessert. Our entrees were so flavorful. I had seitan with kale and rice and beans. I love how they have a gmo-free policy. There was definitely a lot of heart put into these dishes. Good Luck MV!

  7. I saw a line around the block last night at Mundo. All the Vegans were leaning against the wall because they were too weak to stand. Kale sounds like the name of a kid who walks around with a bag of carrots and is only invited to birthday parties when parents get involved.

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