Former Glen Ridge Registrar Charged with Theft

Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray and Glen Ridge Police Chief Sheila Byron-Lagattta announced today that following a joint investigation by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and Glen Ridge Police the former Glen Ridge Borough Registrar, Tresor Gopaul, 30, of Montclair has been arrested and charged with stealing in excess of $50,000 from the borough.

Gopaul is accused of stealing money collected when people came into the borough to obtain birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates.

The theft came to light in August 2013 when Gopaul had taken a day off from work and the deputy registrar was covering for him. That led to an investigation of Gopaul and his subsequent arrest on Jan. 24.

Gopaul, who has since been fired, had been the registrar in the Borough since June 2010. Following his arrest he was released on a summons.

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  1. I am shocked to hear this. Elaine had been the GR registrar for as long a I can remember. When she retired I was pleased to see a bright, friendly, young man move into the job. Whatever made him do this?

  2. Does it not strike anyone as odd that there are absolutely zero FACTS? I’m trying to play the devils advocate by giving this gentleman the benefit of the doubt. Does it not strike you as odd that the SMALL town of Glen Ridge took three years to notice this? Where were the people that were supposed to be supervisors or bosses the past three years? What’s happening to them for not doing their jobs? People are just ready to crucify a young man without any details. This is a persons life we’re talking about.

  3. I’m fairly sure the investigation included surveillance and a forensic audit. Since not everyone pays cash and he probably was smart enough not go after every cash transaction, nothing seemed suspicious. I think he probably went after multiple copy transactions by recording one on the books and pocketing the rest. I doubt the bosses were incompetent, or that a 5 month investigation somehow wasn’t thorough; so I’d be curious Plexy, how you get “People are just ready to crucify a young man without any details“.

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